How I Balance Graduate School, Work, Blogging, and Everything Else |

How I Balance Graduate School, Work, Blogging, and Everything Else

I blog a lot, nearly everyday. I am also pursuing a PhD full time. And I work so I can pay my NYC studio rent. And I go out with my friends, talk to my parents several times a week, go to the gym, and frolic with my boo thang. And binge watch Netflix shows (currently digging Sense8). And cook random things like rhubarb pie and kohlrabi fritters. Basically I do a lot, but they all make me incredibly happy so I have to make time for it all. But how? Here are my five tips for balancing school and work, blogging, and everything else.

How I Balance Graduate School, Work, Blogging, and Everything Else Infographic |


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  1. Going to graduate school is something that many of us aspire to, but the idea of combining classes with a full-time job can seem overwhelming. After all, most of us already work 40 (or more) hours a week—throwing classes, homework, and finals into the mix can seem like a schedule only Superwoman could juggle. While we cannot promise that balancing work and school will ever be easy, here are a few tips to help you cope:
    • Get prepared
    • Research financial options
    • Add some strategy
    • Don’t forget yourself

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’m a PhD student myself and have been considering taking the plunge and starting a blog, do you have any articles or resources you recommend for beginning bloggers? I’m not necessarily invested in it being ground-breaking, but I would like to chronicle my experiences. I’m sure you understand the PhD budget, but your site branding and pics look super professional.

    1. Well thank you! My blog has come a very very long way though. One resource is the Blogging Brilliance book in my sidebar which was written by a fabulous network of bloggers I’m proud to be a part of. I also have an article “How to Start a Natural Hair Blog” here – but the advice fits any blog niche:

      Finally, I’ve been coaching a few beginner bloggers to get them on the right track. If you’re interested in more personalized help, especially in the context of fitting blogging in with your PhD, shoot me an email!

  3. Klassy Kinks it’s get hard sometimes especially when you have a lot of unnecessary drama in your life but with the love and grace I makes it.

  4. This vid is right on time! I start my master’s degree this September, and the kicker is I will be out of my element for a bit because I’m doing it in England! Never been , so adjustment will be a must first and foremost. I know a master’s is a totally different world from undergrad life so I am mentally preparing myself for the work load, and the discipline and dedication I will need.

    I wanna get a part-time student-friendly job while I’m there, so I can pay for my “basics” like transportation, bus tickets. I’m prepared NOT to have too much of a social life while I’m there cause my mom is uber-inve$$$$$$$$sted in me getting this degree (if ya know what I mean) so I really don’t want to disappoint. Outside of summer break and maybe Christmas, ya girl will be stuck in her books! During those breaks I won’t feel too guilty about going out & hanging out with friends. I also have a few friends who I went to HS with who are in London studying so I’m grateful for that support system, even though I will be two hours or so outside of London.

    1. Even though you have to be on your grind, taking breaks is so essential to your wellbeing, that’s something I wouldn’t skimp on. But I think you’ll do great!