How I Create Definition with a Flat Twist Out and Bantu Knots |

How I Create Definition with a Flat Twist Out and Bantu Knots

Most days I’m content wearing my hair in a shrunken afro, a puff, or even under a hat or a headscarf. But every once in a while, I want a defined curl that pops, shines, and glistens. My go to style for transforming dry shrunken kinky hair to a fierce and fluffy look is a flat twist and bantu knot out combo. Keep reading to find out how I achieved this look!

Creating Definition on Shrunken Hair
How I Create Definition with a Flat Twist Out and Bantu Knots |

I started with dry and shrunken hair and applied a bit of water and a lot of Original Moxie’s Lux Locks all over my hair. I then created section, detangled, and applied a bit of Original Moxie’s Just Gel for hold before twisting. In the back of my hair – the brown portion – I did bantu knots, while I did flat twists on the remaining part of my hair. I used the same flat twist method I’ve used for years now, pulling my hair off my scalp.

The Next Day

After letting my hair set overnight, I used Original Moxie Hair Bling to take my flat twists and bantu knots down, separating each twist a few times without creating frizz. Once all the twists are taken down, I’m able to shake my head to create volume and cover parts, and use a pick to fluff up my hair.

Maintaining My Hairstyle

As you should be used to by now, I did absolutely nothing to maintain my hairdo. I did not retwist it, but let it get bigger and less defined as the days went on. I did, as always, sleep with a bonnet or a scarf to keep my hair moisturized, and occasionally sprayed it with Original Moxie’s Twist Mist. The look got me through another week without having to wash my hair, so I think it was a great success!

How I Create Definition with a Flat Twist Out and Bantu Knots |

What’s your preferred method for achieving super defined hair without having to wash and start from the beginning?

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  1. I like to combine Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade with a gel (I use whatever I have on hand)… It’s a great way to redo my braid-outs without having to go through the process of a wash day again!

  2. Glycerin is the second biggest ingredient in your leave in, would you expect this product selection to work in a humid climate? Florida is still is 85-90 deg days! Would the sealant or “bling” be good enough protection from reversion ? Or do you know a comparable leave in that doesn’t have humectants ?

    1. Eden Bodyworks Coconut & Shea Souffle held a twistout in Nigeria so that’s always my anti-humidity recommendation! You could also use the same Original Moxie leave in and switch the Just Gel for the Original Moxie Hold Up, which has a much stronger hold (it’s what I used for my coils)