The Book For Little Girls to Read While Getting Their Hair Done!

How I Wear My Amazing Hair is an adorable book that uses clever rhymes to demonstrate the different natural hairstyles that little girls wear. From bantu knots and a perfectly imperfect afro to a variety of braided and beaded looks, How I Wear My Amazing Hair not only serves as a great book for little girls to read as they are getting their hair done, but also provides numerous style ideas for parents who feel they need some more creativity with their daughters’ hairstyles. While the book focuses on the traditional mother-daughter relationship in haircare, other caregivers can surely benefit – especially around being asked to recreate difficult hairstyles right before school! Ultimately, the book and it’s artful renderings of different hairstyles, lengths, and textures of natural hair provides a welcome opportunity for little girls to see representations of themselves in children’s literature.

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How I Wear My Amazing Hair is one of three books – so far – written by Comora’s Parents. Why Waterworks Won’t Work is a comical perspective on the damage that tears and tantrums cause (such as create a river will make the house float away). Comora’s New Shoes traces the growth of Comora’s feet as well as her shoe collection. You may be surprised at what turn out to be her favorite shoes!

Aside from the fact that Comora’s parents are contributing to the growing body of literature for black children, I am most impressed by their ability to create books that help guide both kids and parents through potentially difficult moments. Having done my niece’s hair a number of times, I know that I wish I had How I Wear My Amazing Hair to get her to stop fidgeting just for a few minutes!

About Comora’s Parents
“Comora’s Parents are… Comora’s parents. They nurture, love, feed, and are occasionally allowed to sleep late by a real live amazing girl named Comora. Disappointed with the shortage of stories featuring characters that their daughter could relate to, Comora’s parents decided to create a book just for her. Encouraged by their daughters’ reaction and persuaded by friends and family, Comoras’s Stories was bor. Coincidentally, it has required the same amount of attention as a real child, but just like the first time around, Comora’s parents think all the sleep nights were worth it.”

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