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How I’m Feeling About Moving Back to the US

So perhaps by now you might have heard that I’m starting a postdoctoral research position at Notre Dame in a few months and moving back to the US. If not, watch this video for the full story! I’ve shared how Jonathan felt about the move in this article, but wanted to share a bit more about how I’m feeling and what this means for me personally as well as professionally.

I’m really excited about this opportunity for two reasons. One, I’ll get to make progress on publishing pieces from my dissertation, which has pretty much been on standby for the past two years. Secondly, I’ll have the opportunity to work closely with undergraduates, a population I’m passionate about, to help expand their understanding of the importance of humanities and social sciences in the medical professions.

But obviously, moving itself and this move specifically is destabilizing and anxiety-inducing for a few reasons. I just packed up all my stuff and moved across the world two years ago, and it feels weird to be doing it again so soon. Tbh I’m kind of over the moving every other summer habit I’ve developed since 2015. It would be nice to put roots down somewhere and just know that we’re there. But based on where Jonathan and I both are in our careers right now, that isn’t the case. On the flip side, it does mean I get to decorate another home from scratch, which helps temper my constant desire to do interior design projects!

Lastly — and I’ve been hesitant to make this decision because this work has been not only therapeutic for myself but also for others — but I’ve got to cut back on blogging in some way. I just won’t have as much time as I used to for taking photos, shooting videos, writing out content, and working with brands. I’ve been creating content online for over 10 years, which is a LONG time in these internet streets, so I was already feeling like it was time to do something a bit different (hence the creation of Cohort Sistas). I still envision myself as a storyteller and a creative, but the influencer title never sat well with me, so I’ll be slowly but surely pivoting away from that. Y’all know I’m a huge believer in pivoting when your vision changes and trusting each step of the journey, so although it will be bittersweet, I’m excited for what this next phase of my online presence looks like.

I’m not going anywhere just yet! I have a bunch of travel and interior decor content coming up here on the blog, on my YouTube channel, and on Instagram, so make sure you’re plugged in on all those networks to stay up to date!

So that’s what things are looking like on my end! I hope you’ll stick around with me as I transition into this next phase of my life.

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  1. One thing is constant; change and when that comes with some significant growth, it’s totally welcome. I have followed your blog while it was still Klassy Kinks and honestly, you’ve been an inspiration.
    Congratulations on the new position!

  2. Stick around? Girl, we here to stay! You are such an inspiration. Congratulations and all the best on the new venture. We shall surely miss you here in Kenya but we look forward to you visiting hopefully more often than not.

  3. I have always been inspired by you! Congratulations on the next phase and may God’s favour be upon you and your family🙏We will miss you here in Kenya❤

  4. You inspire me to be hardworking Ijeoma…please share how you got to balance it all.All the best in your transition😊

  5. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m here forever. I was with you in the beginning in the middle and in the future endeavors. I can’t stick like glue but we’re inseparable.

  6. Sincerely, I thought about you decorating a new space when I saw that you’re moving. May your path be favoured. All the best and yes, always here and around to read from you.