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Two Keys To Being Productive While Working From Home

As a PhD student studying for oral exams and a blogger, I spend a lot of time at home in front of my computer. When I work from home, I want to be comfortable, but I also want to be productive. Being intentional about what you wear and your work space environment are two keys to being productive while working from home.

Wearing Comfortable Clothes (and Underwear)

One of the biggest determinants of whether or not I get work done is what I’m wearing. If I’m uncomfortable in too tight clothes, I’ll spend time readjusting or trying to change. But if I wear lounge clothes or pajamas, I’ll crawl right back into bed!

hanes comfortflex wirefree bra marble laptop case warby parker seymour

outfit ootd white tee natural hair tee faux fur

Hanes‘ undergarments are incredibly comfortable, so I don’t have to worry about wedgies or bras digging into my back as I work (just being honest!). You might remember when I traveled in Hanes last year, and I’ve been rocking my white Hanes Get Cozy ComfortFlex Fit® Seamless Pullover Bra ever since. Now I have a second one in a dark heather gray! An even better option is Ultimate Comfy Support ComfortFlex Fit® Wirefree Bra. It’s tag-free and wireless, providing the same amount of support and versatility as a regular bra but without all the drama. Nobody got time for lace panties and thongs while at home so Hanes Cool Comfort® Cotton Bikini Panties are soft and breathable, and don’t ride up!

I typically wear a fitted tee-shirt (bonus points if it has a cool message) and leggings or loose pants while working from home, but occasionally I’ll wear a breezy dress, especially if I’m filming a YouTube video. Either way, Hanes’ comfortable undergarments hold me down underneath. A quick spray of a light perfume and some vaseline make me ready to head into the office!

Creating a Home Work Space That Makes You Confident

Klassy Kinks's White and Gold Home Office

Art Prints: Pardon My Fro (use code “klaskink20” for 20% off) // Gold Foil Prints: Etsy // Given Me Life Tee: Et Cetera Boutique // Gold Dry Erase Board: Target // Snake Plant: Home Depot // Gold Office Supplies: Super Paper LA via Target // Gold Display/Storage Box: Threshold via Target // Gold Wine Bottle: DIY with Rustoleum Spray Paint

When I moved, one of the most important things to me was creating an office space that I would want to be in every day. I knew that white and gold would be the main colors – white because it’s clean and bright, and gold because it’s classy and glitzy. I put up a few natural hair inspired art prints, as well as some sayings that inspire me to work hard. My favorite is “good things come to those who hustle”! I also have a white board where I jot down important events, upcoming projects, as well as goals for the month. Although I use lists on a regular basis to stay on top of my tasks, a wall calendar is a visual reminder of what I’m working towards for the week and month.

Even if you don’t have an entire room to yourself while you’re working, you can facilitate a confidence boosting work corner or desk simply by putting inspirational messages on the wall or on sticky notes, having little desk accessories in your favorite colors, and having some element of nature. If you have a black thumb like me, snake plants are apparently nearly impossible to kill, or you could always pick up some succulents.

Comfort + Confidence = Comfydence

The comfort of Hanes + the confidence I get from my workspace = comfydence! When I’m comfydent, I’m super productive and can crush my day’s to do list. The best part about working from home is the flexibility – I’m able to transition easily between reading and researching, to blogging and creating websites, and then I can just change my outfit and go out for a midweek date!

klassy kinks closet organization storage Parker Black Embroidered Ashton Dress Rent the Runway

How do you stay productive while working from home?

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    1. Hey girl, welcome! Can you craft out a nook in a closet, a corner of a dining table, or even a desk as a nightstand for you to do work? That might help. Check out on Pinterest tiny office ideas – you’ll be surprised what people think of for work space! Love your site btw!

      1. Thank you! Huge compliment coming from you! <3 I'll definitely looking into it. It gets kind of discouraging working in a shared room. Thanks for the inspo and the advice — I'll be looking on Pinterest 🙂

  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for introducing us to! I originally purchased 3 items earlier this year for myself and my sister and just received my second order of 4 items for myself! I’m not sharing this time! Lol! I love her work and I love your blog even though our hair types are different. You are hilarious girl! Lol!

  2. What another great article I really think is important. I think one needs to be comfortable when working or studying. I would have committed earlier but chasing after my almost 17 month old grandson every day I don’t get to do much. Anyway, I been checking out those Hanes underwear but haven’t took the plunge to buy any. I do say that they look very comfortable and myself I like wearing dresses especially maxi to feel comfortable at home. The colors I truly love. Everything is so nicely organized, arranged and coordinated. Great job KK!

  3. It’s so true what you said about clothing, either being uncomfortable or TOO comfortable/relaxed. Striking a balance is key!

    We were with my mom when I got serious about blogging but without much privacy, I struggled to be productive. I made our little bedroom as welcoming as possible- opened up the blinds, hung up a cute painting that I’d see whenever I looked up from my laptop- so that I’d be motivated to work. The dining room was too gloomy and people going back and forth got old quick.

    We now have our own place again but with the baby, it’s still rough. My space leaves much to be desired but I do what I can.

    1. Just some light alone can make a huge difference! And what you see when you look up is important too. My desk used to face the wall but now I face my wall of shelves because it has elements of every piece of me (daughter/friend/fiance, student, and blogger). Hope this helps you think about ways you can find/make space in your current spot, or at least start planning for the next spot ????