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How to Choose Between a Wigs, Weaves, and Clip Ins for Kinky Natural Hair

If you want to add some extra volume to your kinky hair or are looking for a protective style option that closely resembles your hair, then you’ve likely thought about getting a wig, weave, or clip ins. I’ve rocked all three options over the past few years when I’ve wanted to do something fun with my hair, give it a break, and for all my wedding festivities. Since it can be kind of confusing to decide between wigs, weaves, or clip ins, I’ve broken down the pros and cons of each option based on my experience with the KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily collection.

When to Get a Full Lace Wig

KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily Lace Wig

KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily Lace Wig

If you like to switch up your look often and want complete and full access to your hair (because… moisturizing doesn’t stop with protective styles!), then full wigs are your best bet. Full wigs are also great if you want to play around with a new hair color or texture, because you can safely dye and apply heat to it without risking any damage to your hair. With increasingly natural looking hairlines and easy adhesion methods like using gel or an elastic band, you can ensure that your fabulous wig stays securely on. There is definitely a wig application process learning curve (like with false lashes!), but once you get it, the options are endless.

When to Get a U Part Wig

KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily U-Part Wig

If you don’t have time or energy to blend the lace of a full wig, and you don’t have any hair color, then a u-part wig may be right for you. As long as you stick with a wig that matches your hair texture and isn’t drastically longer than your hair length (like within 4-6 inches), you will benefit from the seamless look of a u-part wig. Otherwise, if the hair color, texture, or length of your hair is too different from the u-part, blending can be a headache. U-part wigs are also best for people who like to wear their hair in a center part.

When to Get Clip Ins

KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily Clip Ins

KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily Clip Ins

If you’re just looking for some extra length, and want the flexibility of multiple usage options, then you should invest in a set of good quality clip in extensions. A half set is perfect for half-up, half-down styles, while a full set can create a full, voluminous fro no matter your hair length. Again, it is important here to match your hair texture if you will be blending the clip ins with your own hair. Clip ins can also be a great way to add a pop of color or highlights to your hair!

When to Get a Weave

I haven’t had a weave in 3 years, so my first hunch is to say never. Between the versatility of clip ins and the ease of wigs, there is really no need to do weaves anymore. Ain’t nobody got time for tight braids that weaken your edges! If you do end up with wefted hair, it’s fairly easy to construct your own wig either by gluing or sewing down the tracks. I guess if you’re super lazy and want a style that you don’t have to worry about putting on and taking off, then a weave is an option, but crochet braids are better because they provide easy access to your scalp for moisture.

What’s your preference for kinky hair extensions: wigs, weaves, or clip ins?

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  1. I notice you didn’t mention price as a factor; most clip ins are way too expensive for a girl on a budget like myself hahaha. But yeah I find that clip ins tug on my scalp and feel like they are pulling/weighing my hair down. It was just really uncomfortable the one time I tried it, so it’s a no for me. I’m team wigs all day/all year long. About to get in on the crotchet fun though.

    1. Are you clipping them onto your hair strands or onto a braid? I find that makes the difference. And I think clip ins are more expensive because of their versatility!

  2. My favorite is wigs. I like the versatility of wearing wigs. I can change the color,texture and length. I use to wear weave but I learned that weave isn’t the best options. I wear a wig any day

    1. Good one! I don’t think I’ll ever get a weave! Moisturizing or washing my hair when it’s under a weave causes it to itch and tangle up. Wigs and clips allow me easy access to moisturise my hair and shampoo when it’s due for wash day. Plus…they save me a lot of time spent in the salon getting a weave installed.