How to Clean Denim Stains On Purses with this Beauty Item |

How to Clean Denim Stains On Purses with this Beauty Item!

People who know me well are very aware that I have a shoe and bag obsession. So much so that my mom bet me $200 one year that I couldn’t buy shoes for the whole year… and when I proved her wrong, I used all 200 of those dollars to buy 4 pairs of shoes! What’s most annoying when I get a new purse is that I’ll go on about my whole day, looking cute and whatnot, to come home to blue and black stains from rubbing against my jeans!

Luckily, I’ve figured out the easiest way to clean stubborn denim stains on purses and handbags with a beauty item you most likely already own – makeup wipes! Any sort will do, I used these super cheap ones from Dollar General to get the job down. You just wipe with force, and the wipes work like a magic eraser to help your denim stains disappear right before your eyes!

You can avoid all this drama by leather-proofing your purses. I haven’t tried with any of mine yet because I’m nervous that the colors will darken a bit, but if you’re interested, this boot protector by Kiwi apparently works just as well on handbags!

How to Clean Denim Stains On Purses with Makeup Wipes |

Have you ever gotten denim stains on your purses? What did you use to clean it off?

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  1. Thank you thank you, I would have never imagined face wipe to clean your purse. The one’s I have stop carrying is back in the rotation of changing handbags. You’re the best.