How to Disguise a Circuit Breaker With Washi Tape

How to Disguise An Ugly Circuit Breaker

One of my favorite places in my new apartment is the breakfast nook. It’s just large enough to fit a table and two chairs, and is perfect for when I want to eat dinner around a table instead of at the kitchen bar. The only downfall is that the large lovely wall behind it has a ginormous circuit breaker that is very unsightly.

How to Disguise an Ugly Circuit Breaker - before

West Elm Tripod Table | LexMod Casper Dining Side Chairs | Corelle Livingware Winter Frost Dinner Set | Threshold Moscow Mule Copper Mug | Dollar Store Placemats 🙂

Since I live in a rental and my management company might need to come in and do repairs when I’m not around, I did not want to cover the breaker with a large image or bulletin board – at least for now. Instead, I’ll show you how to disguise a circuit breaker by transforming it into wall art with the help of gold washi tape!

What You’ll Need

How to Disguise an Ugly Circuit Breaker - materials

Graphic Prints | Gold Washi Tape | Command Poster Hanging Strips | Scissors

I’m using washi tape because it is cheap, removable, and comes in pretty colors! I’m clearly obsessed with gold, so that’s the color I chose for this design.

I’ve had these black and white prints from Chef Evelyn for a year now, after purchasing them at the Dallas Natural Hair Expo last year. You should go next weekend if you can! Anyway, I love that they are religious but subtle, and they work perfectly for a kitchen nook.

I applied the command strips to the back of the prints and hung them up on the wall as desired. I left a bit of space between them and the breaker, in case I want to go ahead later and add more personalization to the wall.

How to Disguise an Ugly Circuit Breaker - washi tape

To “frame” the circuit breaker, I started by cutting two long and two medium strips of the washi tape. Unfortunately, the people who installed the breaker were not as meticulous to detail as I am, so it’s actually a bit crooked. I decided to line my tape up with the wall and not with the breaker, so it does look slightly off.

I then applied washi tape over the prints and the frame around the breaker to make some kind of design. I’m far from an artist, but I did try and get creative with the breaker, though I ended up removing about 10 strips of tape because it started to look like a 5th grade art project #notcute.

How to Disguise an Ugly Circuit Breaker with washi tape

The final result is an inviting white & gold breakfast nook where I can eat, read, and be inspired!

How to Disguise an Ugly Circuit Breaker - After

Like my new and improved breakfast nook?

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  1. What a great idea to disguise the breaker box. The gold accent accentuate the color that you have already in your new place. I love the posting. Yes, I love your new improve nook.

  2. Always wanted a nook, breakfast or otherwise LOL! This totally looks like some clever, MacGyver type thing I’d do. Nice quick fix. Love that you’ve got this whole clean white thing happening throughout the apartment! Also adore the play on the “taste and see” scripture. Very cute.

    1. Thanks girl! This was such a good hack, I’m trying to figure out what I can DIY next and show you guys! Still deciding if I should tackle living room or bedroom next. Or kitchen organization. So many options!