Quick Tip: How to Do Bob Box Braids On Long Hair

Quick Tip: How to Do Bob Box Braids On Long Hair

Now that you know why you should try bob box braids, and how to style them, you might be wondering how to do the style if you have hair longer than shoulder-length. Although I was able to do them since my hair is cut in a tapered style, I can understand the frustration when you come across an adorable style and you can’t do it on your hair!

Luckily, I came across this photo by Naturally_Candace, which made me think that she crochet braided the back of her hair for bob box braids, but she actually just cornrowed the back and only braided the top 3/4 of her hair! Either of these options – crochet or cornrow – are perfect for folks with longer hair who don’t want to sacrifice length to get the bob box braid look, but keep in mind you won’t be able to do many of the styles I suggested, such as the messy bun, pompadour, or faux shaved side. You of course will still be able to wear the style in it’s most chic and simplistic way!

Now that you know this trick, are you more likely to try out bob box braids?


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  1. This is nice if it crochet braids because crochet braids doesn’t allow your back of head exposed. Like very much