How To Hide Your Pregnancy On Social Media

While pregnancy is a joyful thing, there are many reasons why you might not want to tell the whole world you’re expecting. Though going completely ghost on social media is one approach, it’s totally possible to continue with a regular posting schedule while hiding your pregnancy. I think I did a pretty good job at it because I caught most folks by surprise when I announced at 18 weeks, so here’s how to hide your pregnancy on social media.

Shoot Photos in Advance

Ijeoma Kola in workout clothes with puff

Shot at 8 weeks, Posted at 13 weeks

The easiest way to hide your pregnancy on social media is to shoot photos in advance. I’ve always been a huge advocate of shooting multiple looks in one photoshoot – because nobody has time to get dressed up, made up, and photographed several times a week, especially if you’re not a full time blogger. I often post old photos anyway, so it wasn’t strange to post photos taken in weeks 6 or 8 in week 14. My entire Rent the Runway summer lookbook was shot at 12 weeks, right when my body started to look different, but I still used those photos for the next 6 weeks.

Adjust Your Wardrobe

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In the first few weeks of pregnancy, at least for me, my bump was really just bloat, as if I’d eaten a few burgers and they hadn’t yet passed through my digestive system. Once my jeans got too tight (which happened quickly since most of my jeans are high waisted with little stretch), I turned to shift dresses as my garment of choice. With a straight cut, shift dresses were an easy way to mask my changing body without looking like I was wearing mumus and bohemian style dresses that would have been a sure giveaway. If you’re pregnant in the fall/winter, coats and scarves are an easy way to cover up the bump!

Take Pictures in the Morning

Another major change with my body as the weeks went on was that my stomach would be flat in the morning but bulging by the evening. If you normally take pictures after work, make sure you shoot before work or on your lunch break – you’ll be amazed how much your stomach changes as the day goes on!

Take Pictures from The Right Angles

Images taken on the same exact day, within an hour of each other, at different angles.

The most important thing to remember when taking pictures while pregnant is ANGLES! Make sure you take photos from straight on, because the second you turn to the side a bit, your rounding stomach will be visible. Before your belly gets hard, you can suck the bloat in a bit and generally your stomach won’t be obvious. Sitting poses are work well – try crossing your legs and leaning slightly forward for photos to hide your stomach.

Distract People With Something Else

Try out a new cut or protective style (but be careful with coloring your hair during the first trimester) that gives you a reason to post a bunch of waist up pictures to show off your new do! My dissertation completion and convocation were enough of a distraction that I could post old pictures and talk about them without anyone wondering why I wasn’t sharing anything new. You don’t have to get a PhD, but choose a theme to create content around for a month or so, to keep folks engaged enough that they won’t notice your chubbier cheeks!

Edit When Necessary

Original image on the left, edited image on the right (stomach resized and smoothed using FaceTune)

If you’re desperate, and I was in one particular situation, don’t be ashamed to edit. Now I don’t typically advocate for making changes to your body via editing apps, but pregnancy is such a personal endeavor, and you really don’t have to share with anyone until you’re ready. It’s easier to edit your belly when its shot straight on, but if they photo is from the side, shoot against a neutral background and stay away from the brick walls and busy murals!

Any other tips for hiding a pregnancy on social media?

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  1. Another tip: Post selfies! That is unless your face is a giveaway – a few people said my nose gave my pregnancy away. LOL.

    if it’s winter time, this is where your chunky knits, sweaters, and jackets come in handy too!

    And you can also do like TV shows in using large handbags and totes to cover the belly.

  2. Master of deception! I NEVER suspected a thing AT. ALL. Though I shall never need these tips (LOL!!) they’re great. I especially like the one about distracting with something else. Super smart.