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How to Keep Your Relationship Strong While Apart

Happy Monday! It’s been a while since I shared long distance dating tips, but since Jonathan and I are spending a lot of this month apart from each other, we’ve had to revisit some of our old strategies. Keeping our marriage strong while one of us is traveling has been slightly different than dating long distance, so here’s how we’ve been doing it!

Know the traveling person’s schedule before they go

Whether your partner is traveling for a weekend or for two weeks, it’s important to know their general schedule while they’re away. Are they going for a conference where they will be in back to back sessions all day? Are they going for a series of meetings that happen in the morning, leaving their evenings free? Knowing the traveling partner’s schedule in advance helps set the expectation for communication, so you’re not sending frantic “where are you?” texts when they’re in an all day meeting. This is especially important if you’re traveling across time zones!

Talk every day

While we were long distance, Jonathan and I did not talk every day. We texted daily, but it was just too much to call between US and Nigeria every day… plus he wasn’t worth all that airtime then because my ring finger was empty. ? Now, we make it a point to hear one another’s voice every day while we’re apart, and catch up about our days just as we would do if we were together at home.

Share the trip with each other

Jonathan is an Android person, and I have an iPhone, so getting Google Photos recently has made it so much easier for us to share pictures with one another. While Jonathan was in Las Vegas, he saw Lil Jon (true story!) and shared the videos so it was like I was there with him! That little action reassured me that even though we were apart, he was still thinking of me. Whether you share pictures or videos or bring back a postcard, sharing moments of the trip with your partner helps make it more an experience you both enjoyed.

Spend quality time together before and after the trip

If we’re not going to see each other for a few days, Jonathan and I make it a point to try not to bicker and to let things slide more easily. There’s no need wasting precious time upset if someone didn’t do the dishes when you’re not going to see them for a week! Leaving on good terms makes it much easier to communicate well while you’re apart, which is healthier than fighting from afar. It’s also important to spend quality time together once you’re reunited. Even though I like to spend a lot of time on my phone, once one of us comes back from a trip we give ourselves a day to keep the phones and TV aside and just spend real, quality time with one another.

For the married folks – Give them something to miss

I’ll keep this one short – if you guys are spending a couple days apart, try as much as possible to make your last night together extremely enjoyable. You’ll both have something to look forward to once you’re back together ?

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How do you keep your relationship strong while apart?

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  1. These were all great ideas! My boyfriend and I are not long distance but our work schedules are very hectic. We always try to plan special dates and outings that create wonderful memories!

  2. Girlfriend, you are funny but I love you. I love this topic funny, interesting and romantic. I’m so glad that Johnathan can into your life. I’m an Android fan favorite also. I pray God safety over you both as yall travel on the ✈ back and forth.