How to Look Like a Snack (While Being Modest)

I couldn’t think of a title for this post, so shout out to the #1 homie aka my husband for coming up with this! I LOVE the phrase “looking like a snack,” but there can be a fine line between being confident, sexy, and fierce and looking like a thirst trap. As a Christian woman and a wife, it’s a priority for me to remain modest even in the digital age where revealing bodies seem to be rewarded with popularity and likes. So here are my top tips for how to look like a snack while still being modest!

Nicholas Striped Top via Rent the Runway, Express Straight Cropped Jeans, LAX Teddy's Flat White Slides, Gap Trench Coat,Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag, Frugal Finds Pink Sunglasses

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Nicholas Striped Top via Rent the Runway (similar) | Express Straight Cropped Jeans (sold out, similar) | LAX Teddy’s Flat White Slides (similar) | Gap Trench Coat (old, similar) | Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag (more affordable options) | Frugal Finds Pink Sunglasses (old, similar)

Dress For Your Body

Though I believe that you should wear whatever the heck you feel like wearing, dressing FOR your body is way more snackable than dressing to hide your imperfections. What’s a part of your body that you love? Show it off! If you have really toned calves, wear skirts and dresses more often. I’ve always had a pretty bony neck, which was embarrassing as a kid. I also have pretty small boobs – I’m likely an A but wear a B cup to feel better about myself lol. Anyway, I love wearing off the shoulder tops to draw attention away from my chest and show off my clavicles! I even went with an off the shoulder wedding dress because I know that the silhouette makes me feel more confident.

Werk Your Angles

Cameras are a funny thing. There are so many times I’ve been feeling myself and then take a picture and my whole mood changes because I don’t like the way my head is turned or how my hips disappear. Whether it’s having “a good side” or shooting from below to make your legs longer, knowing how to best work your angles is key to looking like a snack. Before I go out on a shoot, I rewatch this video that shares model posing hacks. I LOVE the fact that the model is on the thicker side, and the tips are SUPER easy and actually work to help you look more flattering in photos. Plus, they’re delivered with a refreshing dose of encouragement! Images are illusions, so werk those angles to your advantage!

Be Confident in Your Curves

Can I share something super personal with you? Guess how much I weigh. Whatever number you’re thinking, add 10 pounds to that, and you’re probably a bit closer. (Ya’ll really thought I was about to have my weight all up and through the internet? Girl bye!) According to the BMI chart – which is problematic but that’s another story – I’m overweight. I’m a good 10 pounds heavier than I was a year ago, and I’m continuing to work on being confident in my curves. Now before you say, well I don’t have curves, so this doesn’t apply to me – snacks come in all shapes and sizes. Potato chips are just as much of a snack for some people as mangos. Even if the only curve on your body is a smile, be confident with it and you’ll look more like a snack!

Nicholas Striped Top via Rent the Runway, Express Straight Cropped Jeans, Gap Trench Coat,Gucci GG Marmont Mini Bag, Frugal Finds Pink Sunglasses

There you go friends, that’s how to look like a snack, without taking pictures with your whole booty out. Do you have any tips for how to look your best in photos?

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  1. I love your blog, always having interesting content….also just to let you know, they (the real daytime show) talked about this particular post on their show ??????

  2. ?, you got me on this title. I just knew that you weren’t showing too much skin as some of these other IG andYoutubers. I truly like that you have stayed modest in your pictures even when you were on your honeymoon. Some of the IG followers show too much but if you are confident that is good but do it in decency and order. Please remember that chart for our weight was designed for thick African American women?.