How to Style Havana or Marley Twists |

How to Style Havana or Marley Twists

So if you guys missed it, I installed Havana twists a few weeks ago to give my hair a break while I traveled and started the new school year. These photos received the most likes on Facebook & Instagram, so I figured I’d give you the scoop on how I achieved them!

When I got the twists installed the first time, I did a tutorial on a few updo styles and talked about how I cared for them.

I somehow stumbled upon a few new hairstyles this time around, and of course I had to share!

None of these styles took me more than five minutes, and they didn’t require that many bobby pins. Basically I’m trying to say that they’re easy! And of course can be adapted for box braids or senegalese twists or any other braid style (or even on your own hair!). You can find a tutorial of the hairstyle in the first picture on the video from February, but the other two are super brand new!

Let me know what you think and leave any questions in the comment section of this post or YouTube!

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