Ijeoma Kola at airport with luggage. Travel safely for the holidays.

How to Travel Safely for the Holidays in 2020

Although 2020 has impacted virtually all aspects of our lives, it definitely has changed the way we travel, perhaps forever. As the holidays approach, you might be considering traveling to see family or friends you haven’t seen all year long. Or maybe you’re thinking about taking an extended holiday beach vacation and working remotely for the few days you’re expected to log on. Whatever your travel plans this season, here are a few tips on how to travel safely for the holidays.

Consider Traveling By Road

If you can, think about taking a road trip instead of flying, as you would interact with far fewer people even with a few pit stops than in an airport and plane. We drove 8 hours with our infant son earlier this year, and while it was rough, it gave us peace of mind knowing that he wasn’t unnecessarily exposed to a large number of people.

Get Tested Prior to Traveling

If you are flying internationally, many destinations now require passengers to present negative COVID tests prior to boarding. But even if your destination doesn’t explicitly require it, it’s good practice to get tested prior to traveling, and perhaps again upon your return. While COVID tests are slightly uncomfortable, they are much better than falling sick or causing others to fall ill.

Self-Isolate Before and After Your Trip

In addition to getting tested before and after, try to limit your interactions with the outside world in the two weeks before your trip. Similarly, try self-isolating upon your return for a full two weeks, even if you get tested when you come back. If you are traveling without people whom you live with — for example, you’re visiting your parents and then coming back to your apartment with roommates — then be extra mindful of those interactions when you return.

Be Smart While Having Fun

Whether you are heading on vacation or visiting family, continue to follow public health protocols while you’re having fun. This means keeping masks on when possible, sanitizing and washing frequently, and practicing social distancing, especially with people who are not in your travel party. If you plan to drink, know your limits so the alcohol doesn’t make you let your guard down.

Although we’re not traveling at the end of this year, we will be having visitors and I know I’d appreciate if they followed some of these guidelines to travel safely for the holidays!

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