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I Got My Hair Braided in Nigeria for $22!

While I was in my home country last week for the first ever Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show put together by the Kinky Apothecary (recap coming next week), I decided to get my hair braided. I pretty much only get my hair braided when I’m in Nigeria, because it makes financial sense. Here’s my last set of braids. This time, for $22 dollars, I walked away with this super cute and colorful set of bob box braids that I hope to wear for at least 6 weeks. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Super cute! Back home in Burundi I get “butt grazing” (wink) box braids for $12 … crazy cheap. I wanted to get box braids in Portland but it was 200 bucks! I can’t believe how expensive it is here. So I braided my hair myself and oh my gawd it’s so beautiful! I think I did pretty good for a first time! I can’t feather to save my life though so I had to use the whole length of the extensions, and I also had to wear gloves to minimize friction on my finger pads while braiding. As soon as I fix these issues I will try to give myself a bob next time :).

  2. Im torn between the 2 results. I liked both looks. Once she gets her shop please give her a shout out on one of your subsequent videos!

  3. Very good work, she was qhick,professional and dirt cheap. Nigeria is a place that I have to visit one day. Your hair is very pretty. I like it.