How I’ve Made My Blow Out Last 4 Weeks… and Counting

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t do my hair that often. I might have a “new” hairstyle, but it is most often a remix of what my hair was already doing. Basically, you won’t catch me washing my hair every week or retesting every night. I’m not about that life. What life am I about then? That don’t wash unless stank and your scalp is itchy and you have enough time to properly finger detangle life. None of the above have yet occurred since my blowout on February 11th, so I haven’t washed my hair.


What I didn’t expect though was that my blowout would still look this good a month later! I actually anticipated wearing it “straight” for 2 weeks, and then doing a typical set style such as a braid out or flat twist out on my hair using a water based product that would make it shrink up and get some texture. And I tried! However, whatever I’ve been doing didn’t curl my hair, so I thought I would share my stumbled upon secrets to making a kinky natural hair blow out last forever and a day.*

Secret One: Nighttime Maintenance

The first secret is all about what happens at night, or before bedtime. I’ve more or less alternated between three nighttime styling options: pineapple (aka just bring all the hair up and tie a scarf around the back), two braided pigtails, or 6 braids (for remoisturizing/detangling sessions every few days).


Product wise, I’ve been using the Dr. Luderitz Havana Curls, mostly on my ends. I was actually tentative about using it at first because it is water-based, and has glycerin (which is one ingredient that still confuses my hair and I), but it turned out to be fantastic. My hair didn’t curl or kink back up, even when I intentionally tried to get it to do so by doing flat twists and using my Q-Redew to add some steam. I mean it was cute, but not curled.


Secret Two: Exercise Maintenance

IMG_5255As a fitness and health minded natural, I didn’t expect my blow out to last through my moderately intense workout regimen to get my body beach and bikini ready. I’ve been running 3+ miles twice a week and doing 30-45 minute interval type training workouts (if I’m fierce this week I’ll share more). For runs, I put my hair in a high bun and tie a cotton scarf around my edges (topped by a knit headband for cold days), making sure to completely cover them just like when I pineapple my hair at night. For interval workouts, I’ll wear my hair in 2 or the 6 braids, and tie the scarf. The absolute key is to leave the scarf on long after your workout. You want the scarf to absorb all your perspiration, so that it can’t jack up your hair. So hit the shower, get dressed, do your makeup, eat something, read an article on the blog, and then take down the scarf and proceed to style to your delight.

Now if you’re the kind of person whose scalp gets itchy with sweat when you exercise, and you have to wash it often; sorry bro. My scalp feels perfectly fine after massaging with jojoba oil, so I don’t feel the need to wash.

Secret Three: Daytime Maintenance

Half the battle with making a blow out or straight style last so long is that you get bored! Big hair or straight hair is cute but day in and day out, if that’s not your typical look, can get pre-tty lame. I’ve done a number of styles so far, from big and out to bouncy soft curls to that great updo I showed you two weeks ago. I’ve done buns on struggle days and my go to crown roll, tuck, and pin when I needed my hair out of my face. Most of all though, I’ve embraced the stares and have been wearing bright lipstick to celebrate my gone with the wind faaabulous blowout.


So that’s my secret. Revolutionary huh? Exactly, not at all. Keeping things simple, which is a general rule for my hair, works just as well on a blow out as it does on my kinks. The Havana Curls has been awesome to my blown out hair; I’m looking forward to how it fares on my kinks, and will of course provide you folks with a review!


As for the blow out, it’s got two more weeks to get through before it’s going to be washed. I have no plans for this week, but I think I’m finally going to try out loose twists for next week’s spring break adventures to Puerto Rico. Check back to see how they turn out!

What tips do you have for maintaining straight and blown out natural hairstyles?

*Let the record show that all the above is nullified in spring or summer seasons; in fact, I can barely keep my hair straight a week when it’s warm and nice outside.


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  1. I don’t do blowout right now but I surely love the results of your. I love your big full head of luscious mane. You are such an inspirational.

  2. Thanks for this review! I just did a Dominican wash and blow dry last night. I wrapped my hair and put my silk scarf on. But I’m nervous that it’s going to turn into a big puff. However seeing your hair always boost my hair confidence. After reading this blog, now I’m like ‘So What’ I’m beautiful either way. My reason for doing this blow out was that I didn’t feel like the washing and derangement. Not to mention I have not had my hair washed by anyone other than myself since I did my big chop in August 2012! I needed that shampoo massage it was great. I wish we had a good natural hair salon in queens NY. Btw you look great and love the red lipstick it’s pooping!

    1. Thank you! I don’t know any Queens stylists off the top of my head but there are som salons in Harlem and Brooklyn that hopefully aren’t too far away.

  3. LOL! @, “Let the records show…” You’re too funny girl. Keep rocking. Love the lippy too 🙂