Jonathan’s Guide to Everyday Makeup (Fiance Does My Voiceover ?)

I recently recorded a simple everyday makeup look for my YouTube channel, but when it came time to edit, I didn’t exactly feel like doing the voiceover. Jonathan happened to be nearby so I asked him if he wanted to do it for me, and to my surprise he agreed! Jonathan has done my makeup before (for fun, not for real life!), so I thought he would have some sort of idea of what was going on. I. Was. Wrong. The result is my absolute favorite and the hands down funniest KK and Bae video! But for real, at least 100 of the views it has are probably mine, because I’m addicted to watching. The only thing that could have been better was if I’d recorded Jonathan’s face as he was doing the voiceover. Next time friends, next time.

If you want a run down of the products I used in the video, check them out below! They’re labeled according to function… in Jonathan’s own words! Just hover over the products to figure out the real name or to shop:

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  1. I believe Johnathan got one product right the siraccha. He created a new name for each product use in the video.