Lots of News and Updates!

In the past several weeks, while we had quite a few guest writers try to win you guys’ attention, a lot of other things have been going on and I’d like to share with you! Let’s start with some site updates, then I’ll share some places I’ve been featured, and upcoming events you should be aware of!

Contributing Writers… And the Winners Are!

Based on reader engagement and how well I think these following writers fit into the culture of the blog community, I’m pleased to announce that Judith, Daphney, Udodiri, and KaDasya will be contributing writers to the blog for the next several months!! Be on the lookout for a post of their each month, and if you have article suggestions you’d like one of the blog writers to pursue, you can always contact us and let us know!

Friday Features Return This Month!

I don’t know if you missed them last month, but we’re back this month with Friday features and a Giveaway – our first of the year! Make sure you tune in every Friday to read about another fabulous person or brand with kinky hair.

I’m one of ToBNatural’s Natural Fashionistas!


Speaking of features, Toia – a former featured fashionista herself – decided I had good enough style to grace her site as a Natural Fashionista of the Month after naming me in her roundup of the top 10 natural fashionista moments of 2014! It was such an honor to be featured for something other than my hair, but answering questions about my style made me curious about what it actually was. After taking some style quizzes and analyzing my pinterest fashion board, I realized my style most closely fits under classic and dramatic. With this new info, I’ve gone into my closet and pulled out the clothes I know don’t fit in this category and that I don’t wear often, and I’m about to try ThredUp to sell them so I’ll let you know how that goes!

Embrace Magazine Winter Issue

Sometime last year, Toia interviewed me for Embrace Magazine about how I came to be a natural hair blogger, and I did a cute little photoshoot for the Winter issue! You can check it out the whole interview and photoshoot here by downloading the latest issue to your phone or tablet!

February 21st is International Keep It Kinky Day!

Keep It Kinky Day

BlackNaturalHairstyles.org is having the inaugural Keep It Kinky Day to coincide with Black History month. It’s not the first natural hair “day,” but I really like the idea of having one during Black History Month. Here’s some info from the press release:

Concurrent with Black History Month celebrated in the U.S., BlackNatural Hairstyles.Org has established an official day to encourage solidarity amongst Black women, sending the world the message: “We love Black hair. We celebrate it because it’s a reflection of who we are.” On February 21, we’re challenging women to wear their hair in its most natural state — free of chemical relaxers, weave extensions and wigs. Our hope is to normalize our natural look so that people don’t view it as just a fad or a trend.
To celebrate “International Keep it Kinky Day,” on February 21, we’d like to encourage you to 1) buy your BNH “Keep it Kinky” T-shirt from our website then 2) plan a cool, fab, super awesome naturalista meet up in your neighborhood where you and others can eat, drink, take group shots, pose for selfies and be your merry naturalista selves. 3) Help spread the word by writing an article about this or publishing a blog post. If you do, tell us and we’ll share the link of your article to everyone in our network. To encourage women around the world to commit to wearing their hair in its most natural state, BlackNaturalHairstyles.org, is founding International Keep it Kinky Day on February 21, 2015.

I’ll definitely be wearing my hair out that day, and going to a hair event so I’m doing my part!

ATL folks, get ready for Kinky Hair Unlocked!


I’m SO SO SO excited to go down to ATL for this event – I haven’t been down there in so long and I have some family and babies’ cheeks to squeeze. More importantly, I don’t know my Southern readers so I’d love to meet you there! For tickets, and more info, go to KinkyHairUnlocked.com.

Hope this wasn’t too much info, I’m just so excited! If you made it all the way down here, I’ll tell you a secret – I’m cutting my hair next week! Don’t bombard me with questions, you’ll just have to wait and see!

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