My Bridal Shower

Yikes. I totally forgot to blog about my bridal shower and now it seems too far back in the past to matter! See, what had happened was, the venue had pretty bad lighting and I appointed my brother to take photos but didn’t give him great instructions so the pictures turned out kind of meh (totally not his fault though, love you bro!). But I promised to share photos from the shower so here they are!

Although many brides decide to wear white dresses for their bridal showers, I knew I wanted to go a different route and wear pants. One, because I’ve just always been that person who wants to be different for no reason. When I was three, I decided my favorite color was purple because everyone else liked pink. #imdifferent

But the main reason I wanted to wear pants is because I know the weather is a joke and it would likely be super cold. I can’t function when cold so I figured I needed to cover my legs. I reached out to Safiya Jihan, a fashion stylist with whom I went to college (yay for smart black girls doing creative things!!) to help me coordinate an outfit, and she pulled tons of different ideas. At first I was going to go the jumpsuit route because I love me some jumpsuits but couldn’t find one that accentuated my waist properly. I ultimately decided to wear a C/MEO collective crop top from Vetu de Joy with exaggerated sleeves and AQ/AQ wide leg trousers with a nude mesh inserts to give the illusion of showing off leg! I completed my look with a Kate Spade Forever License Plate Clutch from her bridal line. I wish I’d gotten the Bride2Be one!

For my hair, I pulled apart the curls of my KinkyCurlyYaki Afro Coily lace wig from this previous style, made a deep side part, and secured one side with a bridal hair comb (which I later took out because I got a bride to be tiara!). I also used a Wi-Grip headband to secure the wig without any glue or tape, and it did such a great job, several people thought it was my hair! Here’s a video of the hairdo:

My sister in law and bridesmaids helped organize the bridal shower games, and I really liked the different ones they came up with! First, guests played Etiquette 911 where they were given notecards with prompts and had to write down what should be done if that situation came up at the wedding. The winner wrote that she would punch someone in the face if they were flirting with either the bride or groom. L.O.L. Another unique game was the vow game, where half the guests wrote a line of vows for me to say to Jonathan, and the other half wrote vows for him to recite to me. A bunch of my vows had something to do with Jonathan reminding or helping me put my bonnet on at night, so the shower guests were looking out for my hair health! Not gonna lie, opening gifts was awkward because everyone was just watching me and I was getting hot under my wig, but I did get some exciting lingerie (!) and tons of home decor pieces like this mirror I’ve been obsessing over for months!

My bridal shower made the wedding REALITY. Like it’s happening. And the amount of time I needed after the shower to process, decompress, and just bask in love, happiness, support, and encouragement (about 4 days) made me realize I’m going to be an emotional wreck both on our wedding day, and in the weeks after, so be kind and cut me some slack if I disappear in 17 days!

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  1. So elegant. You’re sort of blushing in your photos or is that the “HAPPY GLOW”? Either way, I love your happiness. Reading your post, seeing your photos, looking at your IG just makes ME feel so vibrant inside. I catch myself smiling and tearing up all the time. So your reads…photos….blog are my happy place when I away and when I lay to rest. I’m so happy for you and your family. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos.

  2. Your bridal shower look elegant. I couldn’t tell the flaws but to me everything was nice. You looked lovely as usual. The outfit was a knock out and the hair on point. I know the wedding will be superb.