Thursday Tea | My Korean Skincare Routine

Lawd the past week has been exhausting! My pregnancy insomnia is at an all time high, I hand washed all our cloth diapers (don’t worry, we have disposables for the learning curve), and I’ve started doing academic work again as I try and get out a decent draft for a journal article before the baby comes. This coming weekend I’m packing my hospital bag, and after that I’m pretty much done with all the baby prep! On today’s Thursday Tea, I share an update on my Korean Skincare Routine.

Thursday Tea is where I share a little weekly life update alongside some recommendations, advice, and things I’m currently loving!

1. New Skincare Routine Courtesy of Soko Glam

Although I was blessed to have amazing skin for the majority of my pregnancy, my face started to act up around month 8. As someone who has spent a lot of time, money, and energy trying to combat adult acne, I immediately decided to take action and overhaul my skincare routine since something clearly wasn’t working.

After a few weeks of trying out this Korean 5-step system for oily skin, my face is happy and acne free again! I’ve experimented with Asian skincare before (specifically Japanese skincare products), but I’ve never really done the much-hyped Korean skincare routine until now, and I’m officially here for it. I found my new skincare routine on Soko Glam, which is the retail sister site of a website I’ve visited frequently to answer all my skincare questions – like is glycolic acid pregnancy safe, and does an essence go before or after your serum – The Klog.

One of the best things about Soko Glam is that they not only have a skin quiz for you to figure out the right products for your needs, but also offer complimentary consultations where they will help answer questions you have about products or skincare routines. After deciding on the Soko Glam 5 Step Oily Skin Set, I was curious if I could add in Vitamin C to my routine, and a Soko Glam skincare consultant recommended this highly rated product and told me when to use it (at night, since it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun). I was also surprised at the price of some of the products – the foam cleanser is only $10! Here are all the products I’ve now been using, that you can easily add to your Korean Skincare Routine:

P.S. Soko Glam is currently running a 30% off sitewide sale with the code SGBF19 (though not applicable on the sets since they’re already super discounted!). Sale ends 12/1/2019.

2. Two New Designer Bags

So I’d already decided that I was going to buy a designer bag as a birthday/congratulations you finished your PhD present, and ran an IG poll asking people to choose between this bag and the Chanel classic flap. The Chanel one won and I bought a pre-loved one in amazing condition from The Real Real! Then one day a few weeks ago I asked Jonathan if he’d thought about a push present, and homie knew absolutely nothing about push presents, so rather than wasting my breath (which is in short supply these days as the baby somehow simultaneously pushes against my diaphragm and my bladder) explaining the concept, I simply decided to buy one myself ?. I’ve loved the Givenchy Antigona bag for a while now, and this croc style is super on trend for fall 2019 but also timeless in black. It’s been my go to everyday bag for the past few weeks! Since my life and finances have been overtaken by baby things, it felt good to spend money on myself!

3. A Completed Living Room

I shared the first room reveal from our apartment earlier this week, and am so happy I didn’t listen to Instagram this time. When polled, most people advised getting couch covers in the red/orange family or dark grey, but I decided to ignore advice about having a light couch with a baby and got the light couch covers anyway! I absolutely love the warmth and airiness of the space and can’t wait to entertain people there!

Those are my updates for this week – feel free to share any special requests in the comments for what I should discuss next week!

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