Ijeoma Kola wearing stylish clear acrylic glasses

My Signature Clear Glasses + How You Can Get The Look

There’s something about growing up, coming into your own, and developing a signature style that I just love. For a while, having a colored afro was my signature — people would be able to recognize the back of my head in a crowd because of my hair color. My acrylic glasses that I’ve had for over two years have now become a signature, and I get asked about them all the time! Here’s more info about my signature clear glasses, where you can find them, and 10 similar pairs to try if you like the clear glasses frames style.

My Go-To Clear Glasses

I actually got my glasses through a campaign for the lenses which are by Zeiss. They’re pretty cool in that they have UV protection in them, which slows down the aging of your eyes and protects them from harmful sun damage. But you’re not here for the lenses! My eyeglasses are by Burberry, and are the style BE2276 in the color transparent.

I love that they are a slight cat eye, which is a great shape for me since my cheeks are a bit too round for round glasses. When buying glasses, you should always consider the shape of your face. These frames are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, which follows the shape of my face.

The color is probably what’s most unique about them. I also have black glasses, white glasses, and tortoise print glasses, and while I feel like they work with certain outfits, clear glasses match everything! I think that’s why I wear them so much.

My signature clear glasses came directly from the optician, but I’ve found a few online retailers who sell them. If you want the exact pair, it’s available at:

None of those sites are particularly familiar. So if you’d rather shop for clear glasses frames at a more popular store, here are 10 other acrylic eyeglasses:

Get the Look!
Whether you wear prescription glasses or just like the look, check out these clear framed glasses at every price point:
Ijeoma Kola smiling in clear glasses and knotless braids

What are some of the eyeglasses styles and shapes that you swear by to complete your look?

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  1. I have never bought clear before. I have denim, two tone colors and brown. The clear is kinda stylish. My last pair came from Sam’s Club and I had my readers put in them and I think that I should have gotten another pair just for readers. I normally get them from Lens Crafter because they have designers frames. I like these on you.