How I Achieve My Signature Curly Fro on Kinky Hair |

Here’s How I Get My Signature Curly Fro

Everyone has a go-to hairstyle, one that they can whip up quickly and consistently, that makes them feel fantastic. For me, that look is a curly fro, which I achieve on my multicolored hair by doing a bantu knot set. The key to this look is starting with dry, dirty, and even tangled hair, and remoisturizing with a liquid leave in spray and using a styler. Keep reading to see how I achieve my signature curly fro on kinky hair!

Start With Old Hair

How I Achieve My Signature Curly Fro on Kinky Hair |

No matter how many times I’ve tried to do a bantu knot out on clean, freshly washed hair, I can’t get the voluminous and effortless fro that I want. That’s why starting on dry hair is so necessary. I don’t have to worry about volume, and re-styling allows me to remoisturize at the same time.

Use Large Sections

When your hair is as thick as mine, ain’t nobody got time for 47 sections ok? I start with 4 sections, and break each of those down to either 4 or 5 knots so I end up with anywhere between 16 and 20 knots.

Use a Leave In & a Styler

Dark and Lovely Moisture LOC Anti Shrinkage Easy Twist Gel n Butter

For this set, I used Dark and Lovely Moisture LOC Super Quench Leave-In Spray as well as Dark and Lovely Anti-Shrinkage Easy Twist Gel N Butter. You want your hair to be soft and pliable before you begin twisting, otherwise you’ll just have a crunchy curly. Not cute.

I also used the Soak it Up Oil Cocktail on the tips of my fingers before I took the knots down, but this step is optional.

Get them here:


Let it DRY

How I Achieve My Signature Curly Fro on Kinky Hair |

If you’re using a lot of product, give your hair at least 12 hours to dry. I’ve done this in 6 hours so if you know you’re short on time, go light on product and you will be sacrificing moisture and softness for the definition you’re looking for.

Separate Gently

This style comes down to the takedown – you don’t want to mess up all your hard work by creating tangles! Slowly unravel each twist and find the natural separations in your hair. This should be easy if you finger detangled because you will have removed most of the tangles before twisting. If you do come across a snag, gently pull it apart, and if you mess up and completely ruin a section, just take a bobby pin and pin it flat against your head.

For more volume, you can take a pic and fluff up your hair, but I typically just use my fingers just to make sure I don’t have any visible parts.

Nighttime Care

I typically just go to bed with a bonnet and fluff in the morning, but I sometimes also use a scarf to push the back of my hair up to create a pineapple, and then throw a bonnet on top of that. In the morning I just bring the hair down and fluff, and go on about my business!

How I Achieve My Signature Curly Fro on Kinky Hair |

What is your signature, go to hairstyle?


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