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Natural and Nigerian Tag

How many of my readers are Nigerian? Hiiiiiii my lovely people!! If you like suya, jollof rice, puff puff, or are named Kerry Ogechi Washington, you’re an honorary Nigerian so hey to you too! I’m feeling extra nationalistic since I’m still pretty fresh off my trip to my home country a few weeks ago, so I was excited to come up with this Natural and Nigerian Tag video with one of my fellow natural and Nigerian bloggers, Grace of NappyFu.

Even though we planned and recorded it before my trip, we happened to (unintentionally) release the video on the day Nigeria swore in a new president, so serious patriotic vibes going on. Anyway, you should definitely check out the tag video to learn more about my perspective of being natural and Nigerian, hear some of my favorite Nigerian foods, and hear my verifiably authentic accent. And if you don’t want to watch mine, go ahead and watch Grace’s because she’s a whole lot more hilarious than I am – some people just have the knack for YouTube videos and she definitely does!

Will any of you be participating in the tag? Shout yourself out if you’re a Nigerian reader! Are there other tags on YouTube I should do?

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  1. Hahaha! Nappyfu is so hilarious I watch her videos (not consistently tho because Nigerian Internet -_-). I plan to use a whole lot of these Nigerian clips on the hub ( so that other Nigerian naturals can can ease up and actually embrace their natural hair.