5 Natural and Organic Period Products I Use for a Happier Cycle

You know how people say the only sure things in life are death and taxes? It’s obvious that a man came up with that idiom because if a woman did, menstruation would be on that list too. It happens to nearly every person with a uterus, and yet we rarely talk about it. Well today I wanna share the natural and organic period products that I use for a happier cycle.

I’ve been using natural or organic period products for several years now. I started using menstrual cups back in 2015, and they completely changed my life. I’ve slowly switched over my entire period stash to natural and organic products — here are the ones that I use.

Lola Organic Tampons
Lola makes wonderful organic cotton tampons in a variety of absorbency strengths, and lets you customize your own box based on your needs. These tampons insert smoothly and expand comfortably, and you know exactly what’s inside, unlike some other tampons. I also love the clean, ombre blue branding (it’s so annoying when products for women are marketed with pink!) and individual packaging.
Natural and Organic Period Products I Use for a Happier Cycle - Lola Tampons | Ijeoma Kola
Lunette Cup
I first tried the Lunette Cup in 2015 and have been a menstrual cup convert ever since. Most menstrual cups come in two sizes — for either pre-baby or post-baby vaginas or for light-medium or medium-heavy flows. I now use the Lunette Model 2 cup and it is really sturdy and makes me feel really confident that I’ll be leak-free on my period.
Natural and Organic Period Products I Use for a Happier Cycle - Lunette Cup | Ijeoma Kola
Lola Cup
I received the Lola Cup a few months ago when I worked with them on a campaign, and the first thing I noticed was how much more pliable it was than the Lunette Cup. If you’re a first-time menstrual cup user or haven’t had success inserting other cups, the Lola Cup might work really well for you — it even comes in a mini size made specifically for young or first time users. It also comes with a really discreet and convenient carrying & storage case.
Natural and Organic Period Products I Use for a Happier Cycle - Lola Menstrual Cup | Ijeoma Kola
Honey Pot Co Herbal Pantiliners
If you’ve never tried Honey Pot’s herbal pantiliners, you’re missing out on a potentially really soothing period experience. The products are infused with an herbal blend that helps with freshness, odor, and comfort. They take some time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll never want to go back to basic pantiliners again. If you prefer pads, they also make herbal-infused pads for both periods and postpartum. Plus the company is Black-owned!
Natural and Organic Period Products I Use for a Happier Cycle - Honey Pot Herbal Liners | Ijeoma Kola
Knix Period Underwear
It took me the longest time to try period underwear because I couldn’t wrap my head around how they wouldn’t leak, but my Knix period underwear has converted me into a believer. I have the Leakproof Boyshort which is nice for daytime wear, but for overnight protection, I love the Super Leakproof Dream Short. It really does hold a good amount of fluid and doesn’t leak, so you don’t ever have to ruin another pair of normal underwear.
Natural and Organic Period Products I Use for a Happier Cycle - Knix Dream Short | Ijeoma Kola

What are some of your go-to period products? Have you made the switch to using natural and organic period products yet? Why or why not?

For a more in-depth review of each of these products, check out this video!

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  1. This is a topic that is seldom discussed but like you said every woman dread monthly. I can say thank for more healthier, comfortable and smaller choices today.

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