Natural Hair Tees Round-Up!

One of my favorite aspects of the natural hair community is the various ways we come up with to celebrate our hair! There are events we can go to, Facebook groups we can join, afro pick earrings, and what may be my favorite: natural hair tees!

I’m not sure exactly when the whole natural hair tee movement, but here are some tees by companies old and new, popular and up and coming, all of which I’m seriously lusting after (now if someone wants to go ahead and bless me with one… feel free!)!

(Details on each shirt)
Naturalista by Day, Blogger by Night
N.W.A. Naturalista with Attitude
Bout the Bun Life
Professional Detangler
High Heels, Big Hair
Dope Hair Type
My Mommy Doesn’t Need to Relax
Good Hair, African in my Family

Here’s my biggest question about these t-shirts though: when can you wear them?? I’ve worn my Naturally Cool shirt quite a few times, to the Let Your Hair Down Expo and just randomly strolling the streets of NYC. But I’ve only worn my Nappy Tee to the airport and to the meetup I did in Kenya. Maybe the content of the tees dictates how comfortable I am wearing them casually, or whether I only feel comfortable wearing them to a hair event. All I know is that I need a lot more of them!

Do you wear natural hair tees? If so, which ones do you have? Which ones are you lusting for?

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  1. I also wear tees that share the awareness of natural hair. I get a lot of them from hair events. I don’t have a preference of brand but smart brown girl are very nice.

    1. Ooooh give us some earring recommendations! Maybe I can write a follow-up post on those… or maybe you can (wink)!

  2. I looovvvve natural hair tees! I’ve got the iFro tee, a Natural is Dope tee, a couple tees from Etc Blog Mag (Yolanda Renee), the Sesame Street “I Love My Hair” tee & of course my own line of tees. I’m in the market for more! Nope, not done. 🙂