New Hair Color & Loop Salon Atlanta Review |

New Hair Color & Loop Salon Atlanta Review

It’s finally here, my new hair color video!! The end of May marks my FIVE YEAR natural hair anniversary, and I wanted something fierce and bold to celebrate the era. You’re probably tired of all the changes I’ve been making to my hair lately, but the main reason I love natural hair is because it’s so beautiful – with my recent cut and new color, my hair is definitely a head turner!

I got my hair cut at Loop Salon in Atlanta, which I found through Instagram when makeup artist Alexandra Butler debuted a new haircut and color done there. When I saw her cut, I thought to myself, hmm, maybe I’ll get my hair done while I’m in Atlanta too, but I had not yet decided to color. Later that day, I was scrolling through Pinterest with my sister in law and came across this photo that made me jump out of my seat and start making plans.

Hair Color Inspiration - New Hair Color & Loop Salon Atlanta Review |

When I spoke to Lindsey, the owner at Loop, I felt a certain ease that my hair color wouldn’t be another disaster like the second before last time it was colored. This is actually the 4th time my natural hair is getting some color. The first time I colored it was when I first cut it, and I had subtle caramel highlights. The second time was the disaster, the third time was at Carol’s Daughter salon right before the website launch (which feels like forever ago), and now this is the fourth. Each time I’ve gotten bolder with my color choices! Check out the video below for a full tour of Loop Salon, and to go along the hair color journey with me!

In typical Ijeoma fashion, I was a little worried along the way, and my facial expressions told on me, but obviously everything worked out as planned (thank God!). Here are some more photos from the day that didn’t make it to the video:

I would rate my salon experience with Loop a resounding 100 out of 100!!! The ONLY complaint I have is that I had to be there at 6:00 in the morning, but that’s what was required for me to have this layered, multi-dimensional hair color. I was out of the salon by 2 pm, but the entire process took maybe 6 hours if you factor in the consultation and photo snapping. That could’ve been from 12-6, which would have been a lot more bearable, but I had to go get makeup done for Kinky Hair Unlocked, and then go take some new headshots! So pretty much the early time was a product of my schedule and not Loop’s fault at all. By the end of the day, I looked like a million bucks!! #feelinmyself

Kinky Hair Unlocked

What do you think of my new hair color? Does this inspire you to add some color to your natural hair?

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  1. I think it looks absolutely fab! Sometimes I wonder about coloring my hair, but I’m the kind of person that feels like it’ll be a permanent change, which isn’t true, but my mind has just decided color = permanent. If anything, I would try a hair chalk or spray for temporary color – or crochet braids. :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. NaturallyTash is a hair chalk/eyeshadow color queen, so you should look her up on YouTube for inspiration. I love how my hair stands out with color, plus, I end up having to do less to make it look cool – I’ve probably twisted it twice over the past two weeks but I get compliments every day!