Klassy Kinks at Style with Eden NYFW

NYFW Recap: Style With Eden BodyWorks

Bout a week ago, Eden BodyWorks held a presentation during New York Fashion Week and I had the honor of attending. Jewelry designers Lorraine West and Shayla Milan teamed up with fashion designers Chen Burkett and Whitney Mero of Onion Cut & Sewn for two unique presentations featuring four looks each. Celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood was on deck creating beautiful hairstyles using Eden BodyWorks products and celebrity makeup artist Camara Aunique provided the beats for the models. Here’s a recap of the shows:

Chen Burkett x Shayla Milan

Chen Burkett and Shayla Milan at Style with Eden NYFW

Chen’s Ghanaian heritage inspired this safari-esque collection filled with one of my favorite fall colors, olive green. My favorite look was the signature Green Island Shift Dress that comes in many different colors. Ylorie Taylor, VP of Marketing for Eden BodyWorks was also rocking the dress in Java and looked fantastic! Honorable mention also goes to Kela Walker who was rocking this Chen Burkett printed pant set.

Ylorie Taylor of Brown Girl Marketing at Style with Eden NYFW
Ylorie Taylor
Kela Walker wearing Chen Burkett at Style with Eden NYFW
Kela Walker

Shayla Milan’s earthy, ceramic earrings, necklaces, and rings were perfect companions to the safari chic vibe provided by Chen Burkett. Though most of the models wore chokers, this tassel necklace stole my heart.

Shayla Milan Necklace at Style with Eden NYFW

Onion Cut & Sewn x Lorraine West

Onion Cut & Sewn and Lorraine West at Style with Eden NYFW

The second presentation featured bold prints and flowy silhouettes by Onion Cut & Sewn, founded by designer Whitney Mero, who began designing at 8 when she could not find clothes that fit her shape. Whitney said that she wanted to design clothes that feel like “lotion all over your body” and she considers the fact that you might want to eat a snack or two when designing garments. One time for Whitney!

Whitney Mero of Onion Cut & Sewn at Style with Eden NYFW

Onion Cut & Sewn at Style with Eden NYFW
L-R: Renae Bluitt, Lorraine West, Natasha Gaspard, Whitney Mero, CP Patrick, Africa Miranda

Mistress of Ceremonies Africa Miranda also gracefully wore Onion Cut & Sewn, as did Renae Bluitt, founder of InHerShoes.com and Crush Media.

Lorraine West’s accompanying pieces were mostly silver, gold, and leather drop earrings and brass cuffs, with clean, long lines to juxtapose against the prints of Onion Cut & Sewn. Felicia Leatherwood fluffed up one of the model’s pompadours for this second look, then added a unique ombre braided headband to the last model. Felicia named her collection of Eden BodyWorks hairstyles “afropunk chic”!

Braided Ombre Headband on CP Patrick at Style with Eden NYFW


Of course the style was not just on the runway, event attendees also came dressed to impress! Here are a few of my favorite looks.

Shea Zephir at Style with Eden NYFW

Shea Zephir rocking a sports bra as a crop top in the ultimate athleisure look!

Brandis of AJ's Corner Blog at Style with Eden NYFW

Brandis of AJ’s Corner Blog wasn’t afraid to rock stripes despite her height!

Cool Calm Curly at Style with Eden NYFW

Cool Calm Curly giving us floral and boots right in time for fall.

Sabrina of Natural Partners in Crime at Style with Eden NYFW

Sabrina of Natural Partners in Crime always has the cutest clothes!

Jenell B Stewart at Style with Eden NYFW

Jenell B Stewart doing an LBD the right way.

Toia B of To B Natural at Style with Eden NYFW

Toia Barry of ToBNatural rocks vintage bohemian so well.

The Runway DJ at Style with Eden NYFW

Loved the 70s vibe from The Runway DJ!

Felicia Leatherwood at Style with Eden NYFW

Felicia always manages to look both cute and comfortable.

Danielle Gray, the Style and Beauty Doctor at Style with Eden NYFW

Daniel of the Style and Beauty Doc won the “outfit I wish I had” contest. Let me hold onto this whole look girl!

Thank you so much Renae, Ylorie, and the whole Eden team for having me at this event. Can’t wait to try the new body products that Eden BodyWorks will be launching in 2017! Until then, here are a few of their products displayed at the event.

Eden BodyWorks Peppermint at Style with Eden NYFW

Eden BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree ShampooEden BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner

Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks at Style with Eden NYFW

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash, Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Creamy Conditioner

BTW, I’m wearing a dress by black female designer, Vetu De Joy, and a necklace from Le Tote!

Featured Image: Courtesy of Joe Chea

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  1. Yaaaassss “vintage bohemian”! I knew there had to be a name for it. 😉 Thanks hun! You looked awesome yourself. Great recap and good seeing you as always!