October Fashion Recap + Fall Fashion Picks


Since this Friday is a Fashionista feature, I thought I’d get y’all in the fashion mood by recapping my fashion looks from October! As you’ll see, I wore a lot of blazers and brought my boots out for the first time in October, and my Zara bag was on heavy rotation. Honestly the only reason the bag always makes an appearance is because it matches everything (and isn’t black). I’m on the hunt for another similar camel shade bag that’s smaller, and I found one at DSW that is a strong contender, but I haven’t made the final decision to purchase. New additions to my closet include this bright orange thrifted blazer, as well as a classic denim jacket (that bleeds on everything argh) from Joe Fresh.  I also went to California early in the month so I shared a few of my breezy outfits from that trip. Finally, I included the last photo as an example of an outfit that I wasn’t too happy about, but photographed anyway. I essentially copied a dress/cardigan/belt/scarf/boots look I saw on Instagram, but the execution was less than stellar in my opinion.

For the remainder of fall, I’m really digging three trends: oxblood, oversized scarves, and wide-brimmed hats ! I already have oxblood boots which I got at last year’s winter Zara sale, as well as a nice scarf, but I would love to have a cozy sweater, pants, and even a blazer. As for wide-brimmed hats, I’ve already shared my obsession a bit, but I need a black hat and maybe even an oxblood one too! I’ve been on the fence about leather, but I think I just need to find the perfectly slimming stretchy “leather” pants – the ones I wore last month completely fell apart on me as the thighs essentially rubbed off. #whencheapclothesfailyou. But since I can’t wear jeans to work, but I still don’t need to be in business casual, leather might be the move to get me through the winter. I’m planning on making use of the upcoming Veteran’s Day and Black Friday sales to score some huge scarves, leather pants and leggings, and maybe some oxblood clothes. Check out some of my inspirations from my Fashion board on Pinterest below!

P.S. I know you’re wondering when I’m going to talk about my Curlformers look I debuted yesterday, a girl needs time to edit the footage! I got you on Wednesday though 😉

What are your favorite looks of mine from October? What are you looking to buy over the holiday sales?

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  1. Lol at #whencheapclothesfailyou
    These clothes ain’t loyal. You look amazing. I like your style.
    My favorites are the last pic with your pink cardigan.
    Then the outfit to the left with the chuck taylors.
    Lastly,I like the fur vest, brim hat and ox blood combo.
    All the looks are lovely though.