Guess Off the Shoulder Cropped Corset Denim Top |

Off the Shoulder Denim on Denim + Loving My Flaws

As soon as springtime rolls around, I get slightly anxious because I know that I will have to get ready to answer tons of questions about a certain part of my body. Most women face some kind of anxiety over a specific body part, whether it’s their stretch marked decorated belly, their joyful laugh lines, or their healthy back fat. For me, it’s my left shoulder.

Guess Off the Shoulder Cropped Corset Denim Top |

I have a large mark on my shoulder that looks like a really bad bruise. I honestly can’t remember when the mark showed up because I don’t think I had it when I was born, but I also don’t remember a time when I didn’t have it. I always have to psych myself into wearing strapless, thin strapped, and off the shoulder tops because I know the mark is noticeable, and it’s guaranteed that someone will ask me if I’m in pain, if I injured myself, or I’m being abused (no, no, and no!).

As I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming on wedding dress styles, I keep going back and forth regarding whether to keep my shoulders out. I love my collar-bone (I know, so random!) but I don’t want the mark to distract in my wedding photos or on the day of. I don’t want anyone wondering anything on my big day besides what flavor the cake is going to be! So I’m challenging myself to wear my shoulders out as much as possible AND to take photos with my bare shoulders to get over my shoulder anxiety! If I do ultimately decide to wear a dress that covers my shoulders, I want it to be because I like the style, and not because I’m trying to hide a “flaw”.

Guess Off the Shoulder Cropped Corset Denim Top, Loft Curvy Skinny High Waist Jeans, Merona Reversible Tote, Sam Edelman Yardley Lace Up |

Off the Shoulder Denim on Denim Outfit |

GUESS Off-The-Shoulder Cropped Denim Corset Top, $55 | LOFT Curvy High Waist Skinny Ankle Jean in Dark Rinse Wash, $69.50 $30 (this is a steal!!!) | Merona Women’s Reversible Tote with Removable Pouch, $36.99 | Sam Edelman Yardley in Camel, $120 $96

I saw this off the shoulder top on another blogger and completely fell in love! Although it looks like denim, it has more of a linen feel and is super soft and feminine. Exposed shoulders, whether you want to call it the cold shoulder or the off-the shoulder trend, are definitely hot right now – I even rocked it a few weeks ago when the weather was still a bit cool. The light wash and ruffles of this chambray crop are perfect to wear with dark skinny jeans, black pants, or even a pencil skirt. Plus it’s braless friendly (woohoo!) because it has boning to keep it up. I originally saw the top on sale at Macy’s but I needed it in a rush and managed to pick it up at the same price from Lord & Taylor during the Friends and Family sale. They have a Mother’s Day sale now which is 20% off with the code MOM! Macy’s is probably your best bet if you don’t mind the shipping times, because they’re also having a 25% off Friends & Family sale now too!

Speaking of denim, the jeans I’m wearing are my super trusty and favorite pair by LOFT. I scored them during their BOGO sale during Thanksgiving where I bought 4 pairs of jeans to completely replenish my closet. The curvy line answers ALL of my “I kinda have a booty but not really” prayers and avoids the annoying waist gap situation that most jeans give me. LOFT has pretty frequent sales, and some of their jeans are currently as low as $26 after 60% off for no reason!

Guess Off the Shoulder Cropped Corset Denim Top, Loft Curvy Skinny High Waist Jeans, Merona Reversible Tote, Zara Lace Up Flats |

Ultimately, I love the denim on denim trend because it’s a play on casual neutrals that can be dressed up. By pairing the style with either lace up flats (from Zara, in a different color) or lace up heels, I get a versatile two for one outfit that makes me forget about the mark on my shoulder!

Off the Shoulder Denim on Denim Outfit |

Let me know what you think of this denim on denim outfit, and what flaws you’re planning to embrace this season!

All photos by Jeff of Photog4Naturals. Makeup by Valerie Josephs aka @MrsMakeup!

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  1. Cute outfit! I love the off the shoulder trend but I am leery about trying it. I have small boobs and I have convinced myself that no off the should top will look good on me, lol.

    1. I have small boobs too! I actually think they work well for us (at least better than large chested women). And if in doubt, wear a statement necklace to draw attention to that instead!

  2. Denim on denim is always cool!

    You look good, and like Berry said, I actually didn’t notice the scar until you mentioned it. It definitely should not hold you back! If your perfect dress has no sleeves, so be it. Everyone would be focused on your hair, or your beautiful face, or your glow- so much to see!

    I have a dark patch at the base of my neck that people ask about when they look long enough. It’s like a bruise, or it creates the illusion that that area is hollow, that someone or something dug into my neck and took some flesh out, haha.

    1. Like someone dug flesh out I hope you’re exaggerating!! And yes people will be looking at my hair – which I have NO idea how to wear!! I’ll probably decide the week of lol. Thanks hon!

  3. Ijeoma, all the photos are so lovely! The outfit and the happiness radiating from you are pleasant to see.

    Honestly, I didn’t even notice the mark until you mentioned it. I had to scroll up to see it. It’s totally your choice on whether to go for a strapless dress on your wedding day or not, and I think the way you’re going about making the decision is just fine.

  4. I am ALL about denim on denim! It’s the easiest thing to match up and, like you said, easily dress-up-able.

    The “flaw” I always struggle with as it gets warmer is my feet. They resemble my Dad’s and have their own imperfections due to not speaking up when my shoes were too tight as a pre-teen.

    I wouldn’t go beyond wearing a peep-toe for years or straps would have to hit the right spots to be wearable. But I’ve seen worse feet hangin’ all out in the summer so I said, bump this! I’ve found the best polishes for my skin tone to dress ’em up and I go ahead and wear my t-strap flat sandals. It took time to not be self-conscious but I think I’m over it.

    1. You definitely are the queen of denim on denim casual chic! And I’m so sorry you didn’t say nothing about your cramped feet as a youth love! But you’re right, there are ALL types of toes, corns, bunions, and cracked heels out in the streets so you’re all good lol

  5. I love the denim on denim. Concerning your flaw, I would not worry about it. I have never noticed and to me it does not look bad at all. Please wear a gown showcasing your broad shoulder. Love everything about yourself!