Ololo Safari Lodge

One of Jonathan’s favorite places to take me whenever we’re in Kenya is the Nairobi National Park. Even though I’m not a huge animal person, I love going on safari. But I hate having to wake up early for safaris, since animals are most active in the early morning or late evening. While in Kenya a few weeks ago, Jonathan and I briefly stopped by Ololo Safari Lodge, located on the southern edge of the Nairobi National Park. A visit to Ololo is undoubtedly the best way to experience a safari if you’re in Nairobi for a quick trip and don’t have a chance to go to the Maasai Mara (which I haven’t been able to do yet!) or another park like Crescent Island. The pictures speak for themselves, but in short, Ololo is an absolutely gorgeous, serene, and luxurious lodge!

Ololo Safari Lodge is actually a converted family home, and still retains much of its cozy aesthetic while being outfitted with modern and upscale finishes. Behind the main living room and library are two family friendly suites, the Terrace Room and the Tower Room. The Terrace Room includes its own sitting area as well as a bathtub, but the Tower Room was my ultimate favorite. It’s fitted with a staircase that leads up to the roof, as well as a balcony that overlooks the pool and the park. I think it’s the most romantic room option, so it would be an amazing honeymoon suite!

In addition to the rooms off the main house, there are also tented cottages for guests that want a semi-outdoor sleep experience, and stable converted rooms that are better for individual travelers or couples. With a total of 16 rooms, there are definitely different options for everyone, but still an intimate and quite experience. There are so many spaces to rest and relax, from the terrace to the pool. The lodge would make an amazing location for a destination wedding, or even a super bougie 30th birthday group trip (hint hint!) if rented out entirely.

One caveat about Ololo Safari Lodge is that it is pretty difficult to get to on your own. We actually got lost and semi stranded by our Uber driver! Luckily the staff at Ololo came and got us, but if you are visiting, I highly recommend using the hotel’s airport transfer service rather than trying to get there on your own. I actually think the best way to visit is to arrive to Jomo Kenyatta Airport on an evening flight, stay at Ololo for the first night so you can be picked up at the airport, do an early morning safari, enjoy lunch, and then move on to the rest of your trip.

Speaking of lunch, I *highly* recommend lunch at The Kitchen at Ololo, which is open to the public. If a stay at the hotel is a bit out of your budget, then lunch is a great way to experience it for less. Again, make sure you leave ample time to figure out how to get there, or maybe stop by after an early morning safari when you’re already in the park. Most of the ingredients in the meals are grown on site, so the three course meal was impeccable!

Ololo Safari Lodge does offer resident rates, so if you’re a local and want to visit, make sure you call for special pricing. I’m hoping we can stay overnight the next time we’re in Kenya, but until then, I’ll be reminiscing over these gorgeous images from our afternoon visit!

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  1. This is a sign for me to have stumbled upon your IG page and link to your blog about Kenya! So DOPE?? I recently purchased a ticket to go to Kenya and now I see your blog is has now made my decision to go so worthwhile. You definately provided some interesting tips and ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

    -Chichi @chigotmuscles