Our Cozy Balcony + Herb Garden

I’ll admit, I never really cared about balconies until a few months ago. Now that we spend infinitely more time at home than we used to, it has been a blessing to a bit of outdoor space where we can get fresh air without having to go outside and risk interacting with people. After a few months of sitting on the project, I finally finished the design of the balcony, just in time for the weather to start getting warmer in Nairobi. Here is our cozy balcony design, which includes tons of seating, greenery, and even an herb garden!

I explained my vision for the balcony in this post, but essentially, I wanted the balcony to be a green space with pops of black and white. The original moodboard only had one area for seating, but I saw someone selling a pallet sofa at a good price and jumped on it! I played around with a few different layouts (sofa where the plants are, sofa as a chaise in the nook), but ultimately landed on this setup.

Here’s a full tour of the balcony design I came up with!

Balcony Decor Sources:

Most of our balcony decor was sourced locally in Nairobi, but I’ve found similar options online!

Rattan chairs: James Gichuru Rd opposite Saint Marys, similar here

Side table: Target

Pallet sofa + cushions: bought secondhand, similar here or for the pallet alone to DIY here

Rug: Ruggable

Leaf pillows: Smart Lady Home, similar here

Triangle mudcloth pillows: Love Artisan, similar here

Throw: Smart Lady Home, similar here

Lime plant: Mandhari Plants

Ficus Benjamina: Mandhari Plants

Snake plant: James Gichuru Rd opposite The Arbor

Metal hairpin plant stands: Afro Boho Jungle, similar here

Herb pots: Herbivore 254 (I spray painted them white), similar here

Herbs: Mandhari Plants

Balcony pot holders: Etsy

Faux wall ivy: Mabel Homestyle, similar here

Wall hanging: Smart Lady Home, similar here

White crates: Home of Pallets (though the experience wasn’t stellar), similar here and so affordable!

Green watering can: Target (old), similar

Crate storage bins + jars: House of Leather

I think that’s everything, but feel free to let me know if there’s anything I missed. The cozy balcony has quickly become one of my favorite parts of our apartment, and I’d love to know what you guys think of the setup!

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  1. The balcony is nice. I see that Ruggable have good reviews and that’s a plus. A good incentive that’s washable ????