Outfit Breakdown | Johannesburg Natural Hair Meetup

I can’t take credit for this outfit, as my homie Dionne helped me pick it out both from the store and for the event!

Royal Blue Dress with Beaded Neckline: Cache (no longer available)
Turquoise Shoes: Heart Soul Paulette Pump via DSW (now $39.95!)

That’s it! The dress fit my body shape well, despite me having eaten an absurd amount of meat the whole week I was in South Africa. Because it was a beautiful color and had a neckline accented with metallic chains, I was able to fall back on the accessories. I would’ve definitely chosen black shoes for the dress, since I’m typically afraid of color, but Dionne hit the color-blocking fashion trend on the head by choosing these sexy strappy green shoes! I knew my hair was going to be the main affair, so a solid colored dress was the right choice in my opinion.



Cache is having an awesome sale right now since they’re going out of business, so you can find some great deals in store or even online. This jumpsuit that I wore on New Year’s eve is now only $79.60 – though it’s sold out online, you might be able to find it in a store near you. I typically wouldn’t shop at Cache because their prices are out of my budget range, but I had a $250 gift card (yay Harlem Shake!) Wedding season is creeping up, so you might find something that can work.

Would you wear this outfit? What shoes would you have chosen? Is there another outfit you’d like me to breakdown?

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  1. Love the dress! Love the fro! Awesome choice. Nice play on color blocking with the blues. I love DSW!!! I can always find great shoes there. I would most def rock that outfit for a nice date and I probably would pick either purple or fuschia shoes.

  2. Your girl did you right! I’ve been trying not to play it safe over the past year or so fashion-wise so, if I had the time, I probably WOULD end up with an unlikely combo such as this. If I were in a rush (as per usual), I’d likely throw on black pumps. But these colors work very well together.

  3. Great outfit! I would have chosen black shoes and black purse and never gone with seafoam green for the shoes, but they look so right together. Yes, having an embellished dress and a fabulous fro eliminated the need for a lot of accessories. Major props to Dionne.