Pick my Protective Style!

As I prepare to head to Nigeria, I wanted to plan out a set of braids to get while I was there. Braids cost less than $20 in Nigeria, and with 5 people working on your head, you are in and out in a hot second. It’s also 90 degrees, with humidity over 85%, so I can’t see myself doing the whole retwist at night to poof up in the morning thing for three whole weeks. Two years ago, I got super long Senegalese twists for a whopping $13, and it took less than 4 hours. I haven’t had regular braids in a while, but I also know I won’t want to keep them in for more than 6 weeks, so I was considering some super chunky braids. They’ll be light, quick to put in, quick to take out, and won’t leave my edges completely snatched. They’re basically the braid version of Havana twists.

I’m getting inspiration from some folks on Instagram: @imhopkins and @porcheabraham.

These are the other contenders, which have been laying around in my saved hair inspiration pictures on my computer (pre-Pinterest). I think my eyes are drawn to having a vibrant color… idk, just because.

So what do you think, how should I get my hair braided in Nigeria? What color should I use?

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  1. Lurve those big braids. Been wanting them forever for myself. However, if you are thinking of doing a whole 6 weeks, you might want to go for smaller braids and then get them loosened in Naija (for less than $5) before doing the chunky braids and coming back with those. I agree, you work color so well 🙂 Have a blast.

    1. I don’t really get the loosened bit. I’m not getting them done for at least 2 weeks, I tend to get braids the week before I’m coming back to the states

  2. Hmmm… It would be cool to see you with some smaller braids but I’m SOOO partial to the chunkies! 🙂 I’ve been a fan of using hair closer to one’s own color so it looks more natural but stepping out into a brown like the gal in the pic on the right may be a nice way to spice it up!

    1. Girl I don’t have strength to take down a whole bunch of braids 6 weeks after they were put in. I’m trying to get a weave in February hence the timeline lol. I have videos from 2 years ago when I had small, super long Senegalese twists, but even those took ages to undo. As for color, I want something more noticeable than what I already have, I figure I can play around and see if I should add more color to my actual hair is summer

  3. Yes you should! And like you said, big braids so your edges don’t get snatched. I also like the mixture of brown and black just like the last picture on the left {the girl with the pompadour}. The girl on the right also has a nice color. Go for it!

    1. I loveeeee the color on the braid pompadour, I just don’t know how to figure out which colors I need to replicate it!