Pregnancy Must Haves for First Time Moms

When I got pregnant, I felt like I was bombarded with recommendations for a million and a half things to buy – maternity jeans, pregnancy pillows, anti-nausea bracelets – things I’d never really thought about before, but all of a sudden seemed like a necessity. Being really particular about my wardrobe and knowing that we were moving, I was very intentional about being selective about which pregnancy related things to buy. I really didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of things that I’d only use for a few months, so now that I’m toward the end of my pregnancy journey, I’ve put together a list of pregnancy must haves for first time moms!

  1. Wireless Bras/Bralettes – although my clothes still fit throughout my pregnancy, I had to buy larger bras pretty early on as my breasts grew. But at some point even those became uncomfortable, and I’ve pretty much been living in bralettes. In addition to this one by Maidenform, I also have one by Nubian Skin that perfectly matches my skin tone.
  2. Prenatal with DHA – prenatal vitamins are crucial for the development of babies, but many of them don’t include DHA, which is important for eye and brain development. Initially I was taking a prenatal and a separate DHA supplement, but then found one that had both – plus its a gummy which is so easy to remember to take!
  3. Maternity Camisole – some people will also suggest buying a belly band to wear over your jeans that can no longer zip up, but I found a maternity camisole to be much more useful. You can wear it under tops or under dresses, and it doesn’t slip down like a belly band might.
  4. Maternity Belt – one day I remember waking up and feeling like my stomach was going to fall off my body and a maternity belt came in handy! It helps lift the weight off your back and stomach and has been even more necessary the further along I get in my pregnancy.
  5. Motherhood Maternity Jeans – I’m sure there are a few different maternity denim brands, but all three pairs of my maternity jeans are from Motherhood Maternity and they were SO affordable and comfortable!
  6. Wedge Pregnancy Pillow – a lot of people recommend the huge c or u shaped pregnancy pillows, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy something that would take up so much space. I bought a wedge pillow early in my pregnancy – first to prevent me from turning around in the middle night, then to support my knees and belly. More recently, I’ve been using it to prop my head up to relieve heartburn. Plus it’s super compact and travel-friendly!

You’ll notice that I didn’t put any maternity clothing other than jeans and a cami on this list. Aside from pants, I’ve been able to wear almost all of my pre-maternity clothes. Dresses with an undefined waistline (a-line dresses, shift dresses, swing dresses, slip dresses, jersey dresses, etc) are great for pregnant women at all stages, and I’ve been able to wear all my tops still, especially with the addition of a maternity camisole. I’m starting to investigate nursing clothing, because I’d rather spend my money on something that can accommodate breastfeeding rather than something with a stretchy waistband.

For more experienced moms out there, I’d love to know your pregnancy must haves too – let me know in the comments! Everyone’s journey is different, but hopefully this was helpful!

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  1. You got the essentials for mama covered!

    Interesting I didn’t need any maternity specific clothes. Most of my clothes fitted all through because I love flowing and free clothing normally and I found the belly band useful as I was pregnant in summer and couldn’t bear the thought of additional clothing like the camisole. I got a pant expander which I never really used so big waste 🙁

    Comfortable shoes for sure especially towards the end. And wire free bras

  2. I understand about buying maternity clothes. I had 3 other sisters who had clothing that can very useful. I can remember wearing one of my mother’s dress. I concentrated more on buying things for the baby because I knew my body would bounce back in shape. ?