How to Prep for Memorial Day Weekend |

How to Prep for Memorial Day Weekend

There are three things that happen every May that I look forward to – my younger brother’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day Weekend. The first two usually happen at the beginning of the month, and then there are 2-3 straight weeks of misery (aka now) where I’m bombarded with images of people graduating, reminding me that I am *still* in school.

klassykinks-siblings-brother-black families-ankara shorts
The brother with the birthday – who’s also graduating!

Once I “you ain’t gotta go home” myself out of my graduation season pity party, I’m usually left scrambling to get my whole life together so I can flex on Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial first day of the summer. Cue a week of frantic dieting and exercise, bathing suit shopping, and debating whether my shorts are too short (nope) and if my booty looks good (yuppp).

This time though, I only allowed myself to be in a depressed funk for 3 days, and I’ve already started getting ready for Memorial Day weekend. I’ve got a ton of bathing suits to wear, I’ve been pescetarian for 3 weeks and already feel much healthier, and I’ve started the process of getting my legs soft and silky so I can wear mini skirts and booty shorts (ok normal length skirts and shorts).

Here are 5 more other ways you can get ready for Memorial Day
  1. Buy a bathing suit that makes you happy, even if you’re not totally happy with your body.
  2. Get a protective hairstyle! Seriously do it, you don’t need your hair getting in the way of the beach, or smelling like BBQ (some vaca friendly hairstyles coming next week).
  3. Buy a white dress – you’ll need it for all the white parties! Seriously, what’s wrong with us black folks and white parties?
  4. GET A PEDICURE. Don’t try to DIY this. For the world’s sake.
  5. Drink one extra glass of water a day. More water will help clear your skin and clear skin = less makeup, and less makeup = less chance of concealer running down your face onto your white dress!

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend, and how are you preparing?

How to Prep for Memorial Day Weekend |

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  1. Love Skintimate & Schick products! My legs always end up so smooth. I don’t have any real plans for Memorial Day. Maybe I’ll BBQ or something. #blmgirls

  2. I’m rolling at not DIYing the pedicure “for the world’s sake”! LOL! That stuff got your legs looking amazing. These fluffy mommy thighs won’t be hanging out this summer LOL but I do like to keep the rest of my legs smooth & presentable. I need to do better with using a shave gel though. Considering this one… so I can go see Finding Dory for free! 😉

  3. I see that you are ready for Memorial day. My plans are not sought out as your but I just want to be around family in peace and relaxation. I’m planning to spend time with my grandson who brings me so much happiness. Yes, he busy and a handful but just away from unhappiness. Memorial day weekend is being with the one who loves you. P.S. I’m going to get to sport my newfound body one day.