The Products That Cleared Up My Cystic Acne

It’s been almost two months since I’ve been cystic acne free, and I still can’t believe that the YEARS I was tormented by reoccurring acne are finally behind me. If you watch my Instagram stories, you may have seen that I’ve been visiting an esthetician Tanya Thomas since early this year to help correct my skin issues. She gave me two products, that in the course of three months, cleared up my cystic acne and completely revolutionized my skin.

0.1% Retinoic Acid Cream aka Retin-A

Retinoic acid, also known as Retin-A or tretinoin, is a vitamin A derivative that helps diminish blemishes, even pigmentation, and even addresses wrinkles. It should only be used once a day, as it could cause dryness, peeling, and irritation if used too frequently.

Although Retin-A is available only via prescription, the weaker form of retinoids, retinol, is available in quite a number of over the counter beauty products. Differin is the only retinoic acid that’s available over the counter, so a great option for people who have tried regular retinols and want something stronger, but aren’t ready to commit to the cost of prescription retinoids.

Salicylic Acid / Clindamycin / Sulfacetamide Wipes

I used these wipes in the morning after cleaning, in lieu of a toner. Salicylic acid is a powerhouse ingredient that penetrates and unclogs pores. Clindamycin and sulfacetamide are both antibiotics that reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin, lessening acne inflammation.

There aren’t any over the counter products with clindamycin or sulfacetamide, but here are a couple similar wipe options, some of which have salicylic acid, while others feature glycolic acid or a combination of the two.

If you want to see more before and after photos that show how well these two products cleared up my cystic acne, check out this YouTube video!

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  1. That’s amazing. I started breaking out recently too as I’m currently pregnant and I was warned against using retinol for now. God knows I can’t wait to get on it especially after seeing your results.

  2. Amazing results! I were checking out that $88 price tag of those pads. Its definitely something that I have to purchase with a discount. ??