Red Ombre Hair and My First Blow Out in Almost 2 Years

Even though there’s currently a two week delay in what happens with my hair and when it gets uploaded to YouTube, and another few days between YouTube uploads and blog posts, I’m sharing my new hair color with you in case you’ve yet to see it and want details on how exactly I got the look! I’m also sharing some throwback photos of my old haircolors, as well as pics of my last blowout to compare my growth.

Kolor King at DFW Natural Hair Expo

I was in Dallas for the Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo, and decided to get my hair colored by Oliver aka Kolor King, who is responsible for these two looks that he created WITH NO BLEACH!!

I haven’t seen anyone with kinky hair like my own get the Luxury Kolor Treatment (lol), so I decided to be the guinea pig and do it for the gram. I actually really liked how my old hair color had grown out, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see if this no bleach technique really worked to produce vibrant and long lasting colors. BTW, Oliver is based in ATL so if you’re down there, RUN and get you some life!

I didn’t really have a color look in mind, but I told Oliver that I wanted to keep my three toned haircolor (which I’m thinking will now be my signature since more than one of my friends says that’s how they spotted me in a crowd!). You might be thinking, “oh my gosh, but what if it went all wrong?” Well I had the security at being at a hair event, so if worst came to worst I could’ve just slid over to the Kinky Curly Yaki table and thrown in some clip ins lol. But I trusted Oliver because I’ve seen his work.

Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color with Argan Oil

To get me right, Oliver used Creme of Nature Bronze Copper and Ginger Blonde, two of Creme of Nature’s 10 shades in their Exotic Shine Color with Argan Oil. Since hair color can really dry out your hair, the presence of argan oil in this collection is a game changer.

Creme of Nature Exotic Shine |

After applying the hair color, setting me under the dryer to speed up processing, and rinsing out, Kolor King gave me a steam hydration treatment to combat dryness and damage. Steam is SO important for colored hair! The next morning, he blow dried my hair and trimmed it, providing an updated shape since my cut in February.

My Blowout & Hair Color Over the Years

I haven’t had my hair blown out in forever. Like, since February 2014 forever! I’m pretty impressed (if I do say so myself) with the fact that my hair is now only 2 or so inches shorter than it was in 2014, considering that I cut it drastically in February 2015! Just goes to show that proper love and haircare will make any texture of hair grow! I am noting that the front of my hair isn’t as long as the rest of it, which means I’m not retaining length in the front as much as I should – I’ve always had a problem with the front of my hair and length retention, even before color, so I’ll definitely be more mindful of it moving forward.

Now let’s take a look at my hair color over the past few years – which is your favorite?

1. August 2013 / 2. February 2015 / 3. September 2015 / 4. October 2015
1. August 2013 / 2. February 2015 / 3. September 2015 / 4. October 2015

Now that my hair has even more color, I’ll be sure to keep it hydrated by deep conditioning regularly, but honestly, it doesn’t feel any dryer – even the back, which was colored too. My assumption is that the argan oil and the steam protected my hair from damage during the coloring process, and set me up for healthy colored natural hair!

If you missed my tell-all video of my hair color, feel free to watch below:

What do you think of my new hair color?

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