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Finally, a Gel That Works on My Hair [Hydracurls Styling Gel Cream]!

About a month ago, CurlKit sent me their June box, which mostly contained products I’d already heard of – Lottabody’s 5-in-1 Miracle Styling Creme (peep my review here), Curls Unleashed, and Ampro Gel, but there was a new product called Hydracurls. Further investigation revealed that Hydracurls is a line of products by Jonathan Product, and the CurlKit contained a 2-in-1 Styling Gel Cream. After doing a dry flattwist out with the cream on a whim, I realized it might actually be promising, and decided to do a flat twist and curl on freshly cowashed hair.

To give you some background on why I’m so excited about this product, I’ve NEVER used a gel that I completely liked, because they’re incredibly drying when used without a moisturizer (see my last successful effort with Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly). Because I’m too lazy to layer multiple products on top of each other and risk buildup or flakiness, I had largely given up on gels, resolving myself to puffy, undefined hair during the summer months.

Enter Jonathan Product Hydracurls Styling Gel Cream

Jonathan Product Hydracurls Styling Gel Cream |

Product Description (from site)

Create definition, separation, and frizz-free curls and waves with this formula that blends a styling gel and hydrating cream.

Infused with Shea Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize and strengthen hair. In a perfect, innovative two-in-one application package.

  • Creates and defines frizz-free curls
  • Provides hold without crunchy feeling
  • Provides hydration
  • Leaves curls soft & shiny
  • Won’t weigh down hair
  • Free of GMO’s, Parabens, Phthalates and Synthetic dyes
  • Safe for color treated hair and Keratin treated hair
  • 100% Vegan: No animal-derived ingredients, No animal testing
  • UVA UVB/UVC Filters: Protect hair from environmental damage and color-fading
  • Sweet Almond Oil – provides nourishment and needed moisture for healthy look of your curls
  • Shea Butter – provides and softness

Pharmaceutical High-Grade Water is tap water that has been treated following FDA guidelines. This process reduces the level of minerals dissolved in the tap water, kills any microbes, bacteria and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). It is water that:

  • Prevents colored treated hair from color fading caused by common water sources
  • Adds water softening ions to maintain hair supple & soft regardless of the type of water used in conjunction with the product
  • Maintains the pH balanced regardless of type of water used with our products

Considering my hair has all types of colors in it, and Daphney just educated us on the importance of using pH balanced products to keep your hair color vibrant, if all this stuff is true, I have found a true winner!

Thoughts and Uses

I can’t explain how awesome and ingenious the 2-in-1 packaging of this cream/gel is. Why didn’t I think of it myself?? The packaging is designed to do what naturals have been trying to do for years by combining their favorite moisturizer with insert drying Eco Styler Gel beauty supply store gel name here. Depending on how you squeeze it, yes, sometimes more cream comes out than gel and vice versa, but you can adjust what comes out by changing where you squeeze on the tube.

I used this product to take my hair from fro to fierceness (not that a fro isn’t fierce) in just 2 days (sadly, this gel still takes forever to air dry like all the others)! More importantly, my hair was soft, yet defined AND the style held up well over the course of several days despite rain and humidity.

Watch the full video of my flat twist out below:

Have you tried the Hydracurls Styling Gel Cream? Are there other gels you’ve used with success on your kinky natural hair?

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  1. Hey, Ijeoma! Nice post. Thanks

    I currently use Ecostyler gel for twist-outs, but I have learned only recently (after having many twist-out fails over the past few years lol) that it’s better for me to:

    1. Make sure that I use a generous amount of a very creamy leave-in conditioner (I love Giovanni’s Direct Leave-in because it helps prevent that dryness and it doesn’t cause white flakes) before putting the gel in my hair

    2. Use an anti-humectant (I use Chi Silk Infusion or Aveda’s Anti-Humectant cream) all over my hair when I’m taking down the twists to keep them soft and moisturized

    I’m a 3c/4b/4c by the way (I know, I know, way too many textures! lol)

    – Nnaya

    Instagram: @NnayaRhythm
    Twitter: @NnayaRhythm

  2. I haven’t tried this gel yet. I don’t get great results with gel yet but I’m still trying work on progress.