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Ishimma is a natural hair product company that I came across after I randomly won a giveaway after chiming into their #LoveYourHairWeek conversation on Twitter. Free products are always exciting, but when I found out that the founder, Crystal, was Nigerian – and Igbo – I nearly flipped out! Then it ALL made sense to me: “ishimma” means good or beautiful hair in Igbo – ishi is hair, and mma is good/beautiful. What a cute name for a natural hair line! Before even receiving the products, I browsed Ishimma’s website and fell in love with the company’s story, positive and spiritually guided philosophy, and their commitment to hair education on top of all-natural products. They even have a free Ultimate Hair Guide available on their website!

em>About UsIshimma  was founded to address the concern of attaining affordable, natural hair products that provide adequate moisture  to hair, encourage healthy growth, and stop hair breakage.  Our products are created to address common hair concerns in women, such as dry hair and breakage.  While many companies claim to carry natural products while only providing minimal natural ingredients, our company strives to produce natural hair products that are genuinely natural.  Each ingredient has a purpose and benefit to your hair!

Ishimma ended up sending me their entire product line in November, which included a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and hair butter. You can get all four products in the pre made True HairCare Moisturizing Set, which retails at $36.99. I have since used the shampoo and conditioner twice, the hydration butter 4 or 5 times, and the hair oil too many times to count! I tested the shampoo and conditioner once on a normal wash day, and again after six weeks of not washing post-braids. Find out my thoughts below:


I always forget to take these pictures BEFORE I use up all the products, so here’s a stock photo.
Collection Description

We choose ingredients that are natural alternatives to commonly used synthetic chemical ingredients because we hold true to the natural standard.  These natural hair products, made from high quality ingredients, are free of harsh chemicals, and are designed to maximize moisture retention and length retention.  Our focus at Ishimma is to bring you products that develop and maintain beautifully healthy hair.

We have products with no mineral oil, no parabens, no artificial colorings or flavorings, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no harsh sulfates, and no drying alcohols.

Eucalyptus Rose Shampoo

photo 1

Ishimma: This mild, moisturizing, sulfate-free eucalyptus rose shampoo with rosehip seed oils cleanses the hair, while helping to prevent damage and restore natural beauty and shine. Infused with green tea and essential oils to promote hair growth as well as chamomile extract, which soothes and conditions.  Your hair will be left feeling clean, soft and supple after use instead of stripped, tangled, or over-washed as often happens with harsher shampoos. Our eucalyptus rose shampoo is the perfect gentle, natural shampoo for hair! 8 oz/$10.99

KK: On the more liquid-y side of shampoos, with very little lather, even when first rubbing in your hands. Consistency also looks a little weird, as if the ingredients sort of separated from one another. Fragrance is very light, almost undetectable. I used about one quarter sized squeeze on each of my four braided sections, and then a final squeeze for the exposed parts just for good measure.

Papaya Lime Creme Conditioner 

photo 2

Ishimma: Washed out the conditioner and your hair feels the same? Try something that works. If you’re looking for a conditioner for natural hair that actually moisturizes, we’ve got you covered!  This Papaya Lime Conditioner moisturizes, conditions, and immediately softens the hair with avocado and wheat germ oils and moisturizing fruit extracts.  This is a gentle conditioner for natural hair that is also safe for co-washing and overnight hair conditioning. You don’t need natural hair for this conditioner to work! For ladies with relaxed hair, you’ll experience silkier, bouncier hair after one use.  Believe us, your hair will thank you! 8oz/$10.99

KK: Very light thickness that has little slip. Was used after a creamy deep conditioner, and in comparison, this felt more or less like 2% milk. Used two quarter sized amounts per each section and finger detangled lightly, with some difficulty.

CocoMint Hair Oil

photo 3

Ishimma: Tired of heavy, greasy oils? Try something lighter. Our hair oil conditioner immediately penetrates the hair strand leaving you with softer hair. This mixture of rich oils protects the hair structure and adds luster- if you need an oil for the LOC method (Liquid Oil Cream), this is the hair oil you need! End breakage with this blend of conditioning and nourishing natural hair oils, such as coconut hair oil and olive oil.  Infused with peppermint oil for soothing the scalp and a pleasant aroma. Our (fragrance-free) oil is 100% natural with no silicones, mineral oils, or paragons. 4oz/$6.79

KK: All the amazing benefits of coconut oil with a sweet tingly peppermint scent! This was one of the handful of products I brought with me to Nigeria, and used it both on my scalp and on my hair for sealing, shine, and nourishment both before and after braids. Used this again after my most recent blowout for light shine and moisture. In other words, this is the truth! Favorite product of the line.

Hydration Hair Butter

photo 5

Ishimma: No Stickiness. No Greasiness. Just Goodness. If you are looking for a hair butter that is Curly Girl Method approved, this is the hair butter for you.  Eliminate breakage with this 2 in 1 moisturizing hair butter, which hydrates with extracts and aloe vera while conditioning the scalp and hair without leaving a greasy feel. Contains moisture-rich ingredients and nourishing butters and oils to protect hair structure and lock in moisture.  Hair becomes immediately softer after applying the hair butter. Hair Butter that moisturizes! Who would’ve thunk it? Use for twists, braids, or other styles. 4oz/$9.79

KK: A shea butter based concoction can do no wrong in my book. Closer to fragrance free like the shampoo and conditioner, and the consistency is just a step softer than 100% shea butter. Emulsifies quickly and evenly. Used to refresh/seal twists or braids at nighttime on both kinky and blown out hair. I could see this being a great year-round product to layer on top of something lighter in the winter, and to use alone in the summer.

Final Thoughts

While the shampoo and conditioner weren’t my cup of tea, the hair oil and butter were everything! My hair and hands have gotten used to a clay cleanser, so I wasn’t surprised when the Eucalyptus Rose Shampoo didn’t knock my socks off. Similarly, my hair soaks up conditioner so it needs a really thick variety – hence why the Papyrus Lime Creme Conditioner didn’t wow me either.

What I would really love to see Ishimma add to their collection is a leave-in conditioner and/or a styling cream that provided some hold. Until then, I’m gonna have to start rationing out the CocoMint Oil because my hair will be sad when it runs out!

photo 4

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Have you heard of Ishimma Hair Care products? Which product would you like to try?

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  1. Haven’t tried this brand yet but I love using natural products and this – “We have products with no mineral oil, no parabens, no artificial colorings or flavorings, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no harsh sulfates, and no drying alcohols.” – is definitely a plus for me! So, I think it’s worth giving a shot.