Product Review: Natural Exfoliation Hydrating Facial & Body Whip

I was recently gifted this set of natural skincare products by Shaka of Natural Exfoliation, which I was very excited to try because I’ve recently decided to use more natural ingredient based products on my face and skin. If I’m not about having chemicals in my hair, shouldn’t I strive for less chemicals on my skin too? Sure, you can make your own face scrub with honey and brown sugar, or use shea butter on your hands, but Natural Exfoliation’s products are created to smooth, soften, and moisturize, and they’re much more than honey and shea butter! They are available for purchase on the Natural Exfoliation website, or you can try your luck at winning some products in the giveaway we’re hosting.

Product Descriptions

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Wake UP your skin by using Natural Exfoliation!

If you are looking forward to getting that youthful glow back to your skin well you have entered the right place. Our Body scrubs can scrub you into the right direction. Remember once you have scrubbed your body you need to moisturize and thats where our scented natural hair and body oils come in. 

The Hydrating Rose Facial Scrub is a beautiful combination of ingredients that work well for maintaining your skin complexion and firmness. It is a combination of honey, brown sugar, rose water, hibiscus water and aloe vera juice. Instructions: When you get your scrubs make sure you shake them before applying because the honey will separate from the sugars during shipping. 2 oz/$8.50, on sale for $7.22.

The Grapefruit Body Whip isn’t available on their webstore (although it is on the Facebook page) but it’s ingredients are shea butter, coconut, olive, sweet almond, jojoba, and essential oils. 2.5oz (my estimate)

All Natural Exfoliation items are 15% off for blog readers for the month, including tee shirts, body/hair oils, facial scrubs, bath salts, an avocado scalp serum (which my eyes are on!), and versatile wash that can be used on body and hair. 

Initial Thoughts

The presentation of these products in a little gift bag was extremely cute! I believe (and please correct me if I’m wrong Shaka), that Natural Exfoliation allows you to create custom gift bags for loved ones, which would make a great Valentine’s Day gift! Both products came sealed, which can’t be said for all small product companies (speaking from experience here). My set also came with a nice handout that had instructions for how to use the various kinds of scrubs, as well as a disclaimer about liability for adverse reactions, products being processed in area that uses nuts and soy, cool dry storage recommendation, and potential variations in product appearance due to temperature. I’d say this handout was a very clear and upfront way to answer any questions I could’ve had, before I even knew I had them! In my book, Natural Exfoliation does great in the customer service department that so many other small businesses lack.

Grapefruit Body Whip

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This sure is a whip all right! I dipped my nail in to get a bit of what I thought would be a cream or lotion, but it sounded like I was sticking my finger in whipped cream! This whip spread very nicely and evenly over my hands, and the strong grapefruit scent faded after a few minutes. But can you say moisturized? The superb mix of oils in this whip saturated my hands and fingers, and provided a smoothness that I felt actually penetrated my dry skin, rather than just coating it like a regular cream. The oils left a nice shine on my hands, but it was not greasy. Would I buy with my own money? I think so, but right now I have a bunch of random hand creams laying around in various nooks and corners of my handbags and my room, so I don’t need any at the moment.

Hydrating Rose Facial Scrub

I had to shake the bottle for about 5 minutes to get the honey mixed up with the other ingredients, but I can’t be mad because Shaka let us know that ahead of time! The scrub smelled like honey, and although I was worried about the consistency due to all the shaking I had to do, the facial poured out of the bottle quite easily, like pancake syrup. The brown sugar specks could be felt but they weren’t coarse, so it felt like I was getting an exfoliating and hydrating facial all in one (which I guess is the whole point)! Two quarter sized drops of this spread easily around my face which had been splashed with fairly hot water, and I even used some on my lips which have been struggling with the chapedness in this cold. I rinsed with warm water, and it only took a few splashes to get the product off my face (unlike one time I tried to do my own honey facial and the stuff would. not. come. off.) I finished everything off with three splashes of cold water (hey, Pharrell swears by it and he’s 500 years old), my Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and some Vaseline for my lips. I’ve actually been looking for a face scrub to replace my generic drugstore nonsense that I threw out weeks ago, and this very well could be it! I can see myself purchasing this facial scrub for sure. I just need a bigger bottle!

Here are some photos of my soft and glowing skin after the facial and right before bed!  Not sure why they came out so differently but… #iwenttobedlikethis #flawless

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