Product Review: Texture My Way for Locks of Curls

A few months ago, Locks of Curls – a new natural hair subscription box with customized products based on your hair needs – reached out to me to try some products by Texture My Way as part of their effort to have YouTube bloggers review the products that are going to be in each box. I’ll be the first to admit that I was trifling and took entirely too long to get their review back to them, but there were a bunch of things holding me back, including the Haute Kinky Hair brunch, job interviews and starting a new job, and then getting a weave! Better late than never though right?

Texture My Way Easy Comb Leave-In Detangling & Softening Crème Therapy

Texture My Way Easy Comb

Texture My Way: Light-weight and smells great! Easy comb softens and loosens tight, hard-to-manage textures allowing the comb to glide through knots and tangles. Conditioning as it detangles, the humectants in the leave-in treatment drench curls, coils, and waves with well-needed moisture. Use to detangle wet hair or use just a dab on dry hair as a daily treatment to effectively restore hair’s moisture balance.

KK: Super light in both consistency and scent. Spreads well, and drenches my hair even though it has neither curls, coils, and waves (just making a point here, some of us have kinks!) It would’ve been nice to read up on this before putting it in my hair so I could be prepared for humectants… you’ll find out why.

Keep It Curly Ultra-Defining Curl Pudding

Texture My Way Keep It Curly

Texture My Way: Finally, you can enjoy a curl pudding that’s lightweight, smells great, and won’t flake or cake-up on hair and scalp! Gives amazing definition to curls, waves, coils, twists, braid-outs and afro puffs, so that you can enjoy a soft, frizz-free, care-free look that lasts. You define your curl pattern! Use a little to elongate loose waves, curls and coils or more for super scrunchy, tighter styles.

KK: Also light in consistency and smell and definitely doesn’t build-up.

How I Used It

As I said in the intro, it was a struggle to do this review because I had so much going on, but I desperately tried to squeeze it in before I installed my weave, and thus I washed my hair before going to an academic conference. But of course I for some reason thought I could wash and style it in the morning before having to go to a meeting, which was a major fail. Enter shrunken wash and go that was achieved after using the Easy Comb Detangling Crème. I was able to stretch my hair out later that evening using the Keep It Curly pudding, into a nice braid out with no evidence because I proceeded – in a rush to make a 7am flight – to take a hot shower with my hair uncovered. Humectants + shower steam = puffy lopsided braid out photographed quickly in the hotel bathroom of an academic conference because I was afraid someone would catch me taking mirror selfies and my whole academic career would tank before it even got off the ground. Can y’all say struggle?

I finally managed to use these products appropriately and did a nice chunky twist out that had me looking cute in the Chicago streets. I’ve also been using the Easy Comb on my Haute Kinks weave because it is the slipperiest hair product that I have right now and does an amazing job of transforming stiff, dry hair into luscious strands. I even used it in my bantu knot out (video forthcoming) that got rave reviews on the ‘gram!

Final Thoughts

Do these products leave your hair soft but not greasy? – YES.

Do these products apply smoothly and easily? – YES.

Can these product be used daily without any buildup? – YES.

Do these products work on both natural hair and natural weaves? – YES.

Will these products provide enough hold/definition for humid days – NO.

If you’d like more info about how you can sign up for Locks of Curls, just head to their website. They’re in the beginning stages so if you feel that other hair subscription box services are too impersonal for you, Locks of Curls would be a great fit!

Have you tried Texture My Way? Are you open to using a customized subscription box like Locks of Curls?

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  1. I like the honest review of the products. I have never heard of this brand before and I know I want be buying it.