Ridiculously Quick & Easy Casual Natural Hairstyle

Not gonna lie, my hair has been bore to the ring lately! My beautiful hair color makes it so easy to be lazy and just wear a puff or crown/celie twists, plus with working out 5 days a week, I don’t have time for intricate styles. I forced myself to do something other than a puff last week and I actually really loved how it came out; so much so that I rocked it for a whole week. Here’s how I did this ridiculously quick & easy casual natural hairstyle (I promise, it’ll take you less than 10 minutes)!

Step one: Start on old, dry hair

The key to quick hairstyles is starting with old hair. A twistout, braidout, raggedy fro – you name it, it doesn’t matter! If your scalp is kind of funky, apply some peppermint & tea tree oil, or use Cantu’s new Dry Co-Wash (which I am dying to get my hands on) to refresh your scalp. If your hair is dry, spruce it up with some moisture – I’m currently digging Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Curl Cocktail Conditioning Styling Cream.

Step Two: Make four parts

First, take a rattail comb – or if you’re super lazy, just your fingers – and create a part going down the middle of your scalp to the crown, and then a part from ear to ear about one inch from your hairline. I know, I know, middle parts are for bougie girls, but we’re gonna be bad and bougie this week ok? Once you’ve got those parts done, start again from the top center of your head and make a diagonal part about an inch to either side of the middle part. You should end up with a total of four sections. Confused?

Step Three: Flat Twist

Starting from the top middle crown again, apply a twisting cream, gel, or butter (such as Jane Carter Solution Curls to Go Coiling All Curls Elongating Gel). Flat twist or cornrow down on one side of your part until you reach the front of your head, then continue the twist/braid along the section on the front of your hairline. If you’re feeling fancy, criss cross the sections or add some hair beads/ loc jewels. Continue your flat twists/braids all the way down.

Step Four: Pin

Pin your flat twists back over the rest of your hair, securing with bobby pins. If you’re hair happens to be cute, pin the flat twists behind your ear and wear your hair like a crown halo. If you’re hair is on the spectrum closer to uncute, feel free to bun or roll, tuck, and pin the excess hair to camoflouge it.

And you’re done! Slick your edges down or not, this look will take you right through the weekend and through the week, offering tons of potential for variation with the simplest starting point.

Here’s a tutorial of the whole style:

Have a great weekend! And yes I know the first picture is different from the rest of these because it was taken the next day after twisting the back of my hair and no I don’t have a tutorial for how I did my makeup because I didn’t realize it was going to be so epic but I’m wearing NYX Liquid Suede in Brooklyn Thorn on the outside and NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment on the inside. Ok bye for real!

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  1. A quick easy hairstyle is super cute. What a lifesaver this style is for someone who does not have time to style hair daily. I have not tried the product by Jane Carter yet.