Romantic Thanksgiving Hairstyle for Natural Hair |

Romantic Thanksgiving Hairstyle for Natural Hair

It’s Thanksgiving week!! Thanksgiving slightly edges Christmas out for my favorite holiday because it is a season of gratitude, fellowship, and FOOD OVERLOAD!!! Even though my family is keeping it pretty lowkey this Thanksgiving – though we typically have at least 20 people over our house – I have a Thanksgiving hairstyle that is perfect for dinner with Bae’s family or any of your upcoming holiday parties. It’s a different take on wand curls, resulting in more Shirley Temple like curls rather than waves, but easy enough to do on blow dried or stretched hair.

Romantic Thanksgiving Hairstyle for Natural Hair |

Tools/Products Needed

A detangling brush, like this one by Felicia Leatherwood // A heat protectant, NOT like the one I used in the video, but like the Fantasia IC Heat Protector Mist // A small curling wand; mine is the Red by Kiss Wand // Oil blend sheen spray, not from an aerosol can (that’s SO 2000s), but like the Original Moxie Twist Mist

Please please PLEASE use a quality heat protectant – unlike the one that I used – to protect your hair against potential damage.

If you’ve seen my most recent video, you know that I’ve got a damaged portion of my hair most likely due to this hairstyle, but I’ll talk about it, and what I’m doing to restore my hair, in a separate post. But don’t fear, with a good heat protectant you can definitely achieve this look without hair damage!

The Technique

Pretty straight forward, just section, detangle, use heat protectant, twist, curl, and release. Once you’ve curled your whole head, you can go ahead and separate and fluff to your liking!

When your curls drop and get a little poofy, feel free to use a scarf or headband to turn it into a curly updo!

Romantic Thanksgiving Hairstyle for Natural Hair |

If you do try this look, be sure to tag/email me to show me your results!

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  1. I’m loving the romantic curls look! I don’t use heat, but I would love to get that look. Do you think perm rods or satin rollers would give the same look? I’m loving the curls on your! Gorgeous <3