September Natural Hair Bride Box

September Natural Hair Bride Box

I know September is over but I forgot to tell you guys about the September Natural Hair Bride Box! This box contained one of my favorite hair brands as well as one of my favorite hair accessories to date, so keep reading to see the box and how I styled my hair with it!

Beauty Products

Delali Robinson Topaz Nude Lipstick on Brown Skin Demo

The two beauty goods in this month’s box were Nuxe’s Melting Cleansing Gel and Delali Robinson Cosmetics Lipstick in Topaz. I didn’t use the gel cleanser because my face is currently doing the most and I’m trying to identify the cause. However, I currently use Nuxe’s Multi-Usage Dry Oil as my nighttime moisturizer and I love it, so once I sort out my current breakout, I plan to use the cleansing gel as well. The lipstick went on well, had a matte finish without drying, and lasted fairly long. It did require a darker brown lip liner (I used NYX Lip Lingerie in Teddy, a current fall staple). I couldn’t find much about the brand itself, but it seems to be black-owned and an offshoot of a salon – yay!

Book Promotion

The box also contained a postcard advertising Miss to Mrs: How Phenomenal Women Can Enjoy a Happy Marriage by Dr. Lillian Gibson. Based on her own marital struggles and successes, Dr. Lil’s book aims to help women make the best choices for healthy and happy relationships – much like her larger platform, Female Autonomy Within Marriage. The book seemed like an interesting read, but I was pretty disappointed that the box just had the postcard and not the book itself.

Bridal Accessories

September Natural Hair Bride Box Lace Garter

September Natural Hair Bride Box Glitz Comb

In terms of bridal accessories, the box contained a lace garter with a pearl heart, as well as a GORGEOUS glitzy hair comb. I don’t know many people who still do garters, but honey that hair comb will be in my hair come by wedding day ok?! It is so stunning and I think would pair so perfectly with a veil. I didn’t even want to wear a veil but this hair piece makes me want to do so now.

Hair Products

Cantu Edge Stay Gel Demo

The box contained two products from the Cantu for Natural Hair line, the Coconut Curling Cream and the Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel. I’ve used the curling cream before on wet hair with great results, but this time I used it on dry hair to remoisturize and set for an updo. It was my first time using the edge control, and it did not have extra hold (as in does not move whatsover), but a soft and flexible hold, which I prefer. I’ve yet to meet an edge control that actually lays my baby hairs down so I didn’t have high expectations for hold.

The Bridal Look

September Natural Hair Bride Box Updo September Natural Hair Bride Box Updo

I was in a rush so I fell back on an updo I’ve done tons of times with little variations, where I twist the back of my hair and leave the front curly. Instead of doing tiny flat twists going up, I decided to do one large flat twist that curved into an S – which would be super cute if someone was getting a new last name that starts with an S!

September Natural Hair Bride Box Updo


If you’d like to catch the whole unboxing as well as the tutorial for my updo, you should watch my YouTube video of the unboxing!

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  1. Eeek, dunno what happened with my last comment. I wanted to say “Awww Ijeoma you’re so pretty.” This box seems like a nice one, save for the postcard about the book…