In the News: Shocking Hair Treatments

My hair care regimen is pretty straightforward, and I’m content enough that I don’t exactly go out searching for a miracle product for growth, moisture, or length-retention. But I do like to keep up to date on the “hot” products in the natural hair community, and every once in a while I come across an article about some weird ingredient found in a random household product and it’s ability to change your whole hair life. The strangest to date was Monistat, but I think with the latest discovery, y’all have just gone too darn far!

KY Jelly… As a Hair Moisturizer?

So apparently the premise behind the use of KY Jelly as a moisturizer for natural hair is that it contains glycerin, which when used correctly and in the right weather conditions, can be beneficial to natural hair. I personally don’t incorporate glycerin to my regimen, and my hair hated the only glycerin-based leave spray that I received for free at a hair event. Honestly, the most non-traditional product I’ve put in my hair is yogurt… and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

The other shocking hair treatment that came up in discussion lately actually happens at salons instead of at home DIY haircare. Apparently, women are getting blindsided by hair stylists putting keratin treatments in their hair, despite declining the service.

A Stylist Added Keratin Treatment To My Conditioner Without Permission

I’ve had my fair share of salon nightmares, but I cannot even BEGIN to imagine what I would do if a stylist put a relaxer* in my hair. Like… things would not be pretty. A bad color I can deal with, and I guess I’ve tolerated having my scalp burned by Dominicans in efforts to get swanging hair, but nah… that salon would have to close for a few weeks after physical damage or a lawsuit.

What’s the most unconventional thing you’ve put in your hair? Have you had a hair stylist suggest or apply a product or technique on your natural hair that you didn’t want them to?

*Remind me to write about my views on keratin and other “smoothing” treatments that claim to make your hair more manageable without chemically altering it. In the meantime, read between the lines to know my thoughts lol.

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  1. Ridicoulous. Jut simply go and by I’m just saying people are to crazy about the maintenance of natural hair …..sometimes.