Simple Ways to De-Stress In the Middle of the Day |

Simple Ways to De-Stress In the Middle of the Day

We’re only a few days into the week and I am already SPENT. The weekend flew by quicker than Usain Bolt or Shea Moisture products during a BOGO sale. The one good thing about this weekend was that it was the first (at least where I am) weekend this year where both days were absolutely beautiful. Beautiful enough for me to ignore the fact that I’m in the New York metro area as opposed to on an island in the middle of nowhere – which is where I want to be 93% of the time. Since I can’t actually do that, and all the work I have to do isn’t letting up, here are a few simple ways to de-stress in the middle of the day.

Temple & Scalp Massages
Idk why I look so unhappy, but I promise I love scalp massages.
Idk why I look so unhappy, but I promise I love scalp massages.

Next time you’re feeling a bit stressed, close your eyes and take your pointer and middle fingers to massage right above the corner of your eyes for 15 seconds, then take all your fingers and massage your scalp for 45 seconds. No for real, do it now. You’re welcome.

Get Up and Move
klassy kinks run rest repeat old navy nike flex run
You don’t have to wear sneakers to move around, but you probably will go further wearing them!

I’ve been preparing a presentation of my research for a large conference audience and it’s been a struggle to focus without getting writer’s block. When I get tense because I’m stuck, sometimes I’ll get up and go for a quick walk outside, or even just up and down the stairs to get things moving again. Sneakers and full workout gear aren’t required to get moving, just do something to get your blood circulation moving around!

Change Your Environment
breather nyc office
#Officegoals, plus some pro-Black and afrocentric paintings on the walls

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, especially if your current environment is too messy, noisy, or distracting to get stuff done. Rather than get stressed about your environment, just change it! If you live in a metro area, Breather allows you to rent office space for an hour or more, where you can go and take a nap, work on a project, or just get away from all the noise. I recently visited a Breather space in NYC (shout out to Christina of LoveBrownSugar for the recommendation!) for a few hours and it completely changed my attitude and productivity. You can get a free hour with my code: 77VCP6.

Have a (Light) Drink
alize peach cocktail flask succulent tootsie rolls
Yes, I fully support midday drinks to de-stress! Bonus points if they can be disguised as “carrot/pomegranate juice”.

The faux bougie black girl in me wants to say that I only drink wine, but the truth is, I love a good cocktail. What I don’t love is the high calorie count and the unnecessary required turn up, so I was surprised when I randomly came up with this simple cocktail recipe that’s perfect for daytime because it’s not too strong. Honestly,  you’re going to laugh at how simple it is, but when you taste it you’re gonna be like yasssss!

  1. Start with ice cubes in a mason jar. Because we’re hip and bougie.
  2. Add a few splashes of grenadine for some color.
  3. Add a good amount of Alizé Peach.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

That’s it! Seriously!! The tartness of the grenadine perfectly balances out the sweetness of the Alizé Peach, which is a succulent infusion of ripe, luscious peaches delicate blended with premium French vodka. The liqueur is the newest flavor in the Alizé brand, and can be served alone, in a cocktail, or blended with other liquors to amp up the punch. Here’s a cuter photo if you want to pin and save for later:

Easy Alize Peach Cocktail |

What methods do you use to de-stress in the middle of the day?

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored on behalf of Alizé Peach. The company who sponsored it provided compensation via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Plus this one was too yummy to pass up!

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  1. I finally got a chance to write my comment on this article . Every time I got ready to read it I would get a phone call. I like your ideas of de-stress I myself listen to music,meditate or talk with family or friends.

  2. Totally off the subject. But I am loving your hair style in the very first picture. What did you do to accomplish that style?

  3. I haven’t had Alize since uni!
    That drink looks cute, I should try it.
    Destressing during the day isn’t something I’m good at, but when I do remember that the stress is not the problem but my attitude to it, I do breathing exercises. They help 🙂

  4. “Because we’re hip and bougie.” LOL! I can’t with you! 🙂

    I try to take deep breaths and pray throughout the day when I really start to feel overwhelmed. I’ve also made a real effort to get out of the house every afternoon and take a stroll with the baby. Nothing like Vitamin D and fresh air to lift your mood and de-stress.

    1. Now if the weather would stop playing with us, we could get more Vitamin D. But I can imagine that playing with the baby would immediately lighten your mood, which reminds me, I need to come babysit!