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The SINGLE Product I Used to Maintain My Box Braids for Six Weeks

It’s bittersweet, but my bob box braids are now a thing of the past. I got a couple of questions about how I was taking care of them. I stumbled upon a magic product in my arsenal, and I can’t wait to tell you about it, since it was the single product I used to maintain my box braids for six weeks! I got it in South Africa, and I go over the ingredients and their benefits in the video below, so be sure to watch! I also go on brief tirade about product availability in African countries, so this is a special salute to all of my African followers.

More about Nubian Nature Herbal Essence

This is a blend of essentials oils that is beneficial for hair and scalp health. Rich in vitamins, omega 3 and 9 fatty acids it argan oil, soybean oil, and palmarosa oil. I plan to dig deeper into the benefits of palmarosa oil for natural hair in another post!

Nubian Nature’s Herbal Essence is available for purchase on their website, but might not be available to ship to your country, but you should check!

You can purchase a QRedew here!

Do you have a go to hair product that keeps your scalp clean and box braids healthy?

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  1. I did see that they ship to the US and other countries. It’s not fair not to share the goodies with us. We support and love you like your Nigerian fans do to.Lol