So I Got a Facial Down There, and You Should Too!

Alright chicas, today we’re going to touch on something a little sensitive (literally), so if you’re queasy about your lady parts, don’t read this! I’ve had dark spots and ingrowns along my bikini line for years now, which made me incredibly self-conscious about wearing swimsuits. After switching to a better waxing salon a few months ago and getting a vajacial (yup!) last week, I’m happy to say my bikini line is looking much nicer!

Why I Got a Vajacial in the First Place

I’ve been upkeeping my bikini line for the past several years by waxing, but the combination of Groupon deals gone wrong and having kinky hair ALL over my body (le sigh) left my pubic area looking like the jawline of a black man who doesn’t shave with Bevel. I mean bumps and ingrowns on hyperpigmentation and scarring – all along my bikini line. Not cute. I’d tried a few things on my own, including Tend Skin and Prince Reigns serum, but I didn’t see any results with either product.

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A few months ago, I quit the $18 Groupon deals and started visited Brazilian Babes, a black-owned waxing salon in Harlem to get my monthly (or bi-monthly during the winter) bikini or brazilian waxes. The owner Monique, has been advising me for months on the importance of exfoliating to tame my painful ingrowns and the subsequent dark spots that they leave in their wake. While exfoliating helped reduce the number of ingrowns, I still needed a treatment to address my scarring – hence the vajacial.

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So What is a Vajacial?

A vajacial is exactly what it sounds like, a facial for your vagina! To be clear, nothing happens inside your vagina (just like a facial doesn’t go inside your nose or mouth lol). Vajacials usually include a few steps similar to a facial: pre-cleansing, exfoliation, mask, steam, treat, and moisturize. Monique recommended that I schedule a treatment one week after waxing, so I got myself together before my trip to Hawaii, and then had my vajacial when I returned.

For my appointment, Monique began by wiping down my bikini area to prep it for the treatment. She then applied a gel like substance that served to exfoliate my skin and remove dead cells. After that sat for a bit, she wiped the exfoliant off and applied the Glamglow SuperMud Clearing Treatment which combined with steam, helped open my pores and extract any gunk from them. The steam felt nice and tingly!

So I Got a Vajacial (Facial Down There), and You Should Too!

Once the mask was wiped off, Monique began the extraction process – cleaning out any bumps that had risen to the surface after the heat. In layman’s terms, homegirl popped the pimples on my vagina, which was kinda painful, but not enough to stop conversation. After the extraction process, Monique applied raw aloe vera gel on my skin, helping to calm, soothe, and moisturize it all in one. When I got up from the table and put my clothes back on, I felt like a brand new woman!

So I Got a Vajacial (Facial Down There), and You Should Too!

Are Vajacials Worth It?

If you’re struggling with a scarred bikini line, I would definitely recommend getting a vajacial. I mean, if you have acne scarring on your face, won’t you turn to an aesthetician (as well as a dermatologist) to help clear it up? It’s important to be comfortable with your aesthetician for a service like this, so building rapport with a few waxes beforehand is recommended.

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My vajacial cost $50, without tax and tip – less than the cost of a standard facial (which I ironically rarely get). It’s been a few days and I can say that my bikini line is definitely looking brighter and feeling smoother! I’ve been exfoliating every other day with Shea Moisture Superfruit Hand and Body Scrub and using the PFB Vanish + Chromabright roll on each night to further prevent ingrowns and lighten those dark spots.

If you don’t want somebody else exfoliating your vagina, you can do an at-home vajacial yourself. Just remember to cleanse, exfoliate, treat, and moisturize. Here are some products to help you get started:

Have you tried a vajacial? Would you be willing to?

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  1. This was great and informative (especially coming from a black women who understands our hair)!! Have you been keeping up with the vajacials and has it been a vast difference? Definitely trying one tonight at home ??

    1. I don’t think about mine either until it’s time to wear a bathing suit! But it’s less painful than a wax so I wouldn’t completely write it off. Also makes for a good story with friends!

  2. Wow! Never heard of a Vajacial but this post couldn’t have come at a better time! I recently started waxing all down there and was going to give it up after i noticed how bad it looked. I have HS (hidradenitis suppurativa…-look it up if you’re reading this, very popular in black females but commonly unknown) which causes bumps and ingrowns and thus I’ve had a lot of scarring and discoloration over the years. And after being horrified of how my vajay actually looks, I was now considering just growing back the hair :/ But this is definitely something I’m going to give a try first! Thanks for always trying new things and sharing your experiences with us! =]

  3. Today,I have learned a new word. I have never heard of this type of service before. I guess there’s something for everything. I wasn’t aware that one can have this problem with their bikini line. I’m glad that you was able to treat this problem and feel more self conscious about wearing your bikini. I have thought about a Brazilian wax but never had one done because I normally keep that area shaved. I’m not trying to be vulgar but I’m not really hairy. I don’t shave my legs but I probably could but I don’t have too much hair on them. All said and done, I am glad that you found service to help you.