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Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s the month of love, and Jonathan and I are actually going to try and steal away for a quick lunch date this Valentine’s Day since our son is now at the age when he doesn’t care when we’re not around. But if you’re planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, here are a few ideas for what you can do other than fall asleep while watching Netflix!

Make a Charcuterie Board Together

So I always love cooking with Jonathan, but if your partner is anything like mine they might be SLOW when it comes to the prep work and other help when putting a recipe together (I swear he does it on purpose lol). Rather than make a whole meal, consider just arranging a charcuterie board together. There are a couple of examples on Instagram and TikTok, but you can always make it up as you go.

Play a Couples Game

I’m not talking about Scrabble, but also not strip poker (although that’s fine too)! While there are a growing number of card games specifically for Black families, I found this really cute Black owned virtual card game (so you can buy it immediately!) called Love on Lockdown. It includes both questions and activities to draw you closer to one another!

His & Hers Spa Day

Ok so I’ve learned to not waste a spa day on Jonathan because he doesn’t appreciate a good massage, but I’ve realized it’s because he can’t fully relax under someone else’s hands. Put together a his and hers spa day that includes a foot soak, massages with scented body oil, and maybe even a facial if your partner allows! The two of you will be supple, smooth, and totally at peace. For bonues points, change the sheets so they’re fresh and spray a linen spray to keep the spa vibes going as you sleep.

Re-create a Favorite Memory

When I’m feeling really low, Jonathan always knows the easiest way to cheer me up — play one of our favorite songs (Sade’s By Your Side, Tracy Chapman’s Promise, and Luther Vandross’ Here and Now), and ask me to slow dance with the lights down low. Especially with Here and Now, which is the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding, recreating the moment is always so intimate. Maybe your favorite memory was a particular dinner date with a specific cuisine, or maybe its the first movie you watched together. Recreate the moment and the magic will soon follow.

What are some other ideas you have for Valentine’s Day this year? Are you going out or staying in?

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