Striped Dress + Purple Fringe Heels |

Striped Dress + Purple Fringe Heels

1 by O'2nd Raina Stripe Dress, Steve Madden Fringly, Dune London Gray Satchel

Don’t you just hate when you are looking ripe and there’s no one to take your photo?! Well I literally dragged J out to help take these shots of me before the Curls on the Runway event on Saturday! I was NOT going to miss the opportunity to share the details on this look. Yeah I know, the cars in the background are kinda janky, but it’s the best we could do for taking pics 10 minutes before I had to get on the train!

1 by O'2nd Raina Stripe Dress, Steve Madden Fringly, Dune London Gray Satchel 1 by O'2nd Raina Stripe Dress, Steve Madden Fringly, Dune London Gray Satchel

When I saw this dress on Rent the Runway, I knew I had to have it! The black and white is totally in my ideal wardrobe color scheme, and the random cutouts made the dress feel special! Although it didn’t suck in my belly as much as I would’ve liked it to (which means I really just need to get back on my fitness game), it was definitely super comfortable. If you’re a size 4, it’s also on sale at Bloomingdales!

Take $30 off your first Rent the Runway order! 

1 by O'2nd Raina Stripe Dress, Steve Madden Fringly 1 by O'2nd Raina Stripe Dress, Steve Madden Fringly, Ombre Natural Hair

As for my shoes, they are one of my favorite pairs (I feel like I say that about all my shoes), and I got them from DSW in the clearance section – winning!! DSW is my shoe store bae, but they’re no longer selling these, so I have a few more options for y’all. Since the Steve Madden Fringly are not the most comfortable, these aren’t the kind you wear when you have to walk somewhere! Just sit and look pretty and smile as everyone complements your fantastic shoes. If you prefer blue, those are on sale for as low as $50!

I’ve been carrying around this Dune London bag that I got for my birthday last year all summer long – the grey and gold simply go with everythang. My new Shore Projects watch and this necklace by One Wink from DSW (also out of stock but available on Poshmark!) completed my outfit.

Colored Ombre Twistout, Ombre Natural Hair

Purple Leather Fringe Earrings 2 Lite Creations

I was feeling the purple fringe so much that I bought a pair of matching earrings at the hair show! They’re by 2 Lite Creations, who – as you can probably guess – specialize in super light earrings. I already had a few pairs of their wire earrings so I swapped out my jewelry and added these leather ones to my collection! Also, shrinkage. If you like my face and hair, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel because I’ll have the GRWM video up later this week or next!

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P.S. Sorry the photos are not so clear – I didn’t have time to take test shots and J is still a newbie so be kind! I’m going to start working with a real photographer next month so stay tuned for the come up!!

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  1. You already know I love all of this! I enjoy bringing a pop of color to a simple print like stripes. Great job!

    Don’t mind the cars in the background, girl. Not janky at all (to me). Gives the pics character 😉 Rolling at “the come up”! HA! Looking forward to it.

  2. Love the outfit so well coordinate with the colors. The shoes are gorgeous and I didn’t recognize the earrings until this post. I really wish I could rock heel like you being tall and wearing heel make me feel like I am so tall. I love the way you dress.